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CSS Apps V1 Beta - Version 1.0 Beta

posted on 2010-07-26 08:17:18
Led by PuP-Board
Collaborators: uedi


[color=crimson][u][b][size=200]CSS APPS V1[/size][/b][/u][/color] [b][size=150]Apps for CSS[/size][/b] [size=130][u][b]Description:[/b][/u][/size] With CSS Apps your server become diverse, every user can decide, what he wants to run (what app) and how he wants it to run (options) Because he can switch the Apps On/Off and can choose his own options. Of course, the scripter can dedicde, what the user can change and what not There is also a Log File, to keep track of all. There is a 10 sec. barrier, to prevent Laags, in which the user can't change anything at the app As a standard feature there are 3 Apps installed: [list] [*][b]HudClock[/b] The current time in a hud window, the user can change the time format and adjust the time zones [*][b]BonusHP[/b] With kills the user can get extra HP [*][b]AdminSpecial[/b] Special Steamids have their own App, where they can choose a special item[/list] [size=130][u][b]Scripting:[/b][/u][/size] With the big applib it's not difficult to write an App, requirements are Python knowings Every App have a database, to save the options. A overview over all commands is comming soon. In the Applib and in the 3 standard Apps is much explained, tutorials will follow... [size=130][u][b]Pictures:[/b][/u][/size] Here you can find some Pictures: [url=]Pictures[/url] now have fun with it best wishes Popo @ (PuP Board)


[size=130][u][b]Installation Plugin:[/b][/u][/size] [list=1][*]Just copy the addons folder in the cstrike folder. [*]Fit the Settings (addons/eventscripts/cssapps/cssapps_config.cfg) [*]Restart the Server[/list] [size=130][u][b]Installation App:[/b][/u][/size] An App ist just an extra folder in the cssapps folder e.g. "[b]cssapps/HudClock/[/b]" [list=1][*] Copy the app folder in the cssapps folder [*]If there are Settings, fit them [*]Restart the Server or change the map[/list] [size=130][u][b]Deinstallation App:[/b][/u][/size] [list=1][*] Copy the App folder in the cssapps/disabled folder [*]Restart the Server or change the map[/list]

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