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Tods Lo3 and Gungame Restart - Version v1.0

posted on 2010-06-19 12:33:52
by Tiny Tod


This doesnt need to be loaded, these are scripts to live your server and to restart your server but you will need eventscripts to live the server (technically no, its just for the password to popup each round) Features: Restarts gungame 5.0 - ggr.cfg Restarts gungame 5.1 - ggr51.cfg Restarts Sm gungame - ggrsm.cfg Lives the server - lo3.cfg When lived it will show the password each round. To exec these scripts there is a file in there to show you where to go to put it. Dont explioit these scripts as your own Tiny Tod :)


extract to desktop read how to install.txt and upload to your cstrike folder

Version Notes For v1.0

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