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Universal Soccer Script - Version 2.32

posted on 2008-01-24 17:40:26
by chrismrulz

Requires: [list][*][url=]Auth Provider version Latest[/url] [*][url=]SPE Alpha[/url] [/list]


[b]What does this do?[/b] For counter-strike soccer maps, it: Records personal player stats (viewable in-game and on a webserver), Limits knives-per-minute, Disables knifing, Controls health/god-mode options (including a commbox-as-bloodbin script), Automatically referees (including penalty extension), Controls an in-game scoreboard on the [url=]2009[/url] and [url=]2008_v5[/url], and [url=]2008_v6[/url] maps, Slays people jumping on goals, Sets separate skins for goalies and teams, Allows sprinting, And automatically loads the scripts upon changing to a soccer map. [b]Compatible with:[/b] ka_soccer_2006 maps (v1/v2/v3/v4), ka_soccer2007 maps (after renaming to have 'ka_soccer_2007' in the file name), ka_soccer_2008 maps, ka_soccer_2009 maps, ka_soccer_indoor maps, ka_soccer_acssl maps, and indoor soccer maps (after renaming to have 'ka_soccer_200' in the file name). [b]Commands:[/b] Type these commands in chat to perform certain actions with the scripts. [b]!stats[/b] -- If you use the stats script, type this to see your stats. Type !stats [partofplayernamehere] to see someone else's. [b]!resetstats[/b] -- If you use the stats script, type this to reset your personal stats. Fouls such as team-kills are not reset. [b]!ref[/b] -- Brings up a referee menu to control manual aspects of the ref script. you must be set as an admin in the autoref config for !ref and !setteams. [b]!setteams [team1here] [team2here][/b] -- Set teams for the ref script. Use underscores for spaces. For the newer scoreboards since 2008_v6, use full-stops to center the team. [b]!score[/b] -- For users to show scores and period info if you use the ref script. [b]!options[/b] -- For users to customize various settings, e.g. whether they want to hear knife warning sounds. [b]!stuck[/b] -- If you use the respawn script (healthmode 3 in the health script), use this in the rare event you aren't teleported back on. [b]!knifecount[/b] -- If you use the knife script, type this to see if your knife count has been reset or how many you've done. [b]!sprint[/b] -- If you use the sprint script, use this to sprint. [b]!skin[/b] -- If you use the second teamskins script, use this to select team skins. [b]!gk[/b] -- If you use the third goalie script, use this to set goalies.


[b]Step 1. Install scripts and nativetools dll files[/b] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Copy the entire cstrike folder over the top of the one on your server. Accept any requests to "replace" files or folders (you won't lose anything). [b]Step 2. Edit the config file[/b] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Look in the \cstrike\cfg\ folder, and edit the soccer.ini file. When you're done, upload it back to your server in the \cstrike\cfg\ folder. If you don't think you're capable of configuring it manually, I've included a windows program called 'USS Config Editor' to configure the soccer.ini using a GUI. It is also capable of uploading to the server and restarting to apply changes with rcon. (configure your server with config.ini to do this) [b]Step 3. Set it to auto-load[/b] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Edit your \cstrike\cfg\autoexec.cfg file, and add the following line: es_load soccer [b]Tips and Extra Info[/b] ------------------------- If you want to automatically check for newer versions and automatically install them to your server, use the included windows program 'USS Updater'. If you're manually upgrading from a previous version, You install it the same way, Only don't copy over the soccer.ini file. Merge your old settings into the new soccer.ini, then copy it to the server. When setting options in soccer.ini, start off editing the [Core] section first, which sets which scripts are enabled. Since if you aren't using a script you don't need to waste time setting it's options. If you want some skins, Install these [url=]Australia/Italy ones[/url]. The config is already setup to use them by default. You can exclude the mani skin setup files, since the script doesn't use mani to set skins at all. If you're going to use the Ref script: You need to setup admins in soccer.ini's Admin section. If you're going to use the Stats script: You may also want to setup a webserver to view the stats on. To do this, simply copy the 'soccerstats_web' folder onto your webserver (rename the folder if you like), Then open up config.php and fill in the details of the ftp server your game server is running and an admin password. You may need certain php permissions on your host for the php script to work. You can either update the stats by clicking 'Admin' from the main webpage, or set auto-updating in your soccer.ini in the [Stats] section. Remove any other soccer scripts that you have auto-loading, e.g. in \cstrike\cfg\mani_admin_plugin\map_config\ The soccercore script will run in the background and load/unload scripts automatically so there is no need for anything else loading.

Version Notes For 2.32

Updated on: 2012-07-06 05:46:53 EST by chrismrulz (View Zip Contents)
v2.32: Bug fix release. Many thanks to Gids once again. v2.31: Bug fix release. v2.30: Fixed several bugs, changed over the disableknives function and stats touch registering to the new dynamic hooks in SPE since nativetools no longer works in OB. v2.21: Bug fix release. v2.20: Bug fix release. v2.19: Re-worked gideon's soccerteamskins2 script to use the 'awaychar' system with the original skins config section. Numerous bug fixes from v2.18 made by gideon and myself. 'Maps' config section by gideon added to Map config section, to control which maps trigger loading the scripts. Removed need for nativetools_enabled function in config. Automatically detects presence of NT. v2.18: Cheerleaders now dance. You can change the animation sequences in config. v2.17: Added soccergoalie3 and soccerteamskins2 modules. Conversions of scripts made by gideon that allow you do skins and goalies the manual way. these new scripts are used when you use the settings: "soccergoalie_enabled = 3" and "soccerteamskins_enabled = 2" in soccer.ini. Admin section added to config. Use 'the 'usemani' option to use mani admins instead of setting them in the script. Respawn script includes an optional countdown timer sent to players that are waiting to respawn. Added msgmode 3 in ref config, which sends both public and private messages when a player dies. v2.16: Added cheerleaders option in map script and subsequent map coordinates for where the cheerleaders spawn. Sprint script now includes sounds for each interaction. Super mario sounds included by default. v2.15: Added NativeTools Enabled option in config, to prevent script from failing with OB version of eventscripts as much. Added auto-team-killing-slays and auto-team-stealing-slays options. Stats are now fully functional with kills. TK's and Self-Kills are also included. v2.14: moved map coords to a section in the config, with the option of manually adding coords for new maps. various changes in almost all scripts. v2.13: changed operation of respawning options in healthmode, now you use a setting called respawnmode if you have healthmode set to 3 (respawn). fixed bug in ref script overtime. merged old respawn scripts into 1 and provided more respawn config options. Any scripts that slay a player (ref script, knife script, goal slay etc.) can be set to disallow respawns by setting respawnslayed to 0 in the config. v2.12: fixed compatibility with fletch's ka_soccer_acssl_2010 map. added slow-mo, an auto-start kickoff option, and bug fixes to penalties in the ref script. v2.11: fixed death goals for autoref and stats scripts. v2.10: stats now track knives on the ball aswell as touches, many bug fixes, fixed scoreboard auto-centering. v2.02: new ini file reading method that allows unicode and commenting, various bug and performance fixes. v2.01: est_box_trigger emulation in works after map change. v2.00: The script is rewritten completely in python. python is much faster while using far less resources on the server. Knife script bugs are fixed. There is now a !options menu for users to customize their own settings like message delivery, knife sounds, whether they want to automatically face enemy goals at spawn, etc.. The ref script saves the state upon every action, so in the event of a server crash, when the server loads again the match will be back to where it was immediately. That also means refs can setup the ref script pre-match, then even do whatever they want with the server or even unload the ref script, and it'll always be ready to start the match. Stats script tracks touches on the ball instead of knives. Although it will miss the balls that weren't touched with the body, It's 100% accurate as opposed to about 70% accuracy of the last one. There is now a commentator script you can turn completely off or enable any commentary you like.. from simple things like goal scorers, to complex things like interceptions and tackles. There aren't any more limits of how many team skins or admins you can use, since it doesn't use the console to store the variables. No need to muck around setting up mani skins. you just provide the path to the main model filename in the config. Since it uses eventscripts to give admin authority, which can import mani admins, you can use your existing mani admin setup to let them use the ref script. No need for mani, es_tools, or mattie's system plugin. the things it needed plugins for before are now built-in. * * You'll need 1 plugin called NativeTools, which just needs you to copy some dll's to your addons folder (and is setup to be installed when you extract the installation zip file anyway). Only 1 soccer.ini file to edit as opposed to 10 cfg files for each script, and 1 addon folder called soccer, as opposed to 10 different scripts. Times in the config (for period length and such) now use a H:MM:SS format, instead of having to use a calculator to work out how many seconds to use yourself. v1.19: Added extra respawn script, goalies are now teleported on round start for the 2 new respawn scripts. v1.18: Reenabled penalties, moved 'display scores' to a public command, fixed various bugs, added second respawn script and fixed up the old one. v1.17: Fixed problem with scripts not unloading. Added overtime to ref script. v1.16: Fixed conflict with goalie script and team skins script, added more automated period options to ref script. v1.15: Possibly fixed bug in knife script when using messages for warnings, added 'remove dead bodies' option to health script, cleaned up php web stats code. v1.14: Added full-blown penalty extension to the ref script! (very different to soccermod penalties), Slay menu no longer shows dead players/specs. Added option to auto-respawn dead players if using god-mode. v1.13: Fixed teams menu bug, Fixed ref script not unloading, New Option to 'Start a match' that resets/sets teams/starts pre-match lo3. v1.12: Added teams menu to the ref menu, changed use of characters in teams, added death goals to soccer stats, Added sounds for knifescript. v1.11: Fixed bugs, mostly todo with knife script. v1.10: Added periods, several changes to the autoref script. Added extra knife mode to the knife script for using messages instead of popups. v1.08: Fixed bug with ref menu popups in v1.07, Added slay menu to ref script. v1.07: Added Reset option to ref menu, Added extra config options to ref menu, Fixed bugs. v1.06: Added 'public mode' for ref script and added public version variables. v1.05: Added sprint script and config (a clone of 'sprint mod') v1.03: Added more options controlling the time to the extended period menus, and added an extra config option into autoref script. Fixed a few bugs. v1.02: Added teamskins script. v1.01: Small bugfixes, added disableknives option in soccerhealth script. Todo: Fix respawn script on 2007 map. Send stats to a global server where anyone can come and see stats from every server that's using the script. Fix stats consistency (all stats 90% accurate atm due to the capture method)

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