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LongJump v1.4 by ERAZOR' - Version v1.4

posted on 2010-06-08 10:31:05
by 'intensityy


LongJump v1.4 by ERAZOR' ------------------------- +---------------------------------------------------+ |Standalone-Version of LongJump in p_wuerfeln-Plugin| +---------------------------------------------------+ This Script increases JumpLength with a customizable Factor. If Player jumps, his next Jump will be longer and so on. ----------------------- Special Thanks to uedi for this Plugin: and thanks to DX for the idea to create Standalone-Version Scripted for DX [] by iNSANE []


1. Unzip Archive 2. Configure Settings in 3. Upload folder to addons/eventscripts/ 4. Paste es_load longjump in autoexec.cfg

Version Notes For v1.4

Updated on: 2010-06-08 10:38:47 EST by 'intensityy (View Zip Contents)
*v1.4 - Removed unused imports :D

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