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esutils - Version 1.4 ALPHA

posted on 2011-04-21 13:30:03
by Adam


Modules and sub-packages that collectively represent a generic set of tools to simplify / wrap and extend eventscripts functionality, in a pythonic fashion, adhering to the [url=]SOLID[/url] principles. Documentation: You can also refer to the source code itself as i've fully documented all public names in accordance to [url=]PEP257[/url].


For automatic installation / future update, use: [code]es_install esutils[/code] Alternatively, extract the zipped contents. Note: This is not an eventscripts addon but a python package. Do not attempt to load esutils, instead import it for use within your code.

Version Notes For 1.4 ALPHA

Updated on: 2011-04-24 20:35:50 EST by Adam (View Zip Contents)
[LIST] [*]Rewrote to avoid mutating global state. [b]Import Note: admin_manager has been removed, if you wish to iterate over admins registered, your addon should keep track itself. See [url=]updated documentation[/url].[/b] [*]Move a common function to tools to be implicitly private. [*]Moved weapon_colour out of and into the weapons module as this is more intuitive. [/LIST]

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