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Prop Wars [Portal theme] ScreenShot

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Prop Wars [Portal theme] - Version 1.0

posted on 2008-02-29 13:29:32
by Juba_PornBorn



[size=18][b][color=blue]Credits!!![/color][/b][/size] .miniman. for is awesome companion cube wich I decompiled and compiled it to CSS thread: Superdave my master of wich I am a clumsy disciple Freddukes for is revision and also for being such a good teacher Anyone else that gave a help. [size=14][b]Attention!!! You have to use physics props that are undestructable and take no damage or your server will crash!!!![/b][/size] This is a all-configurable script that allows you to create your own mod theme. You can choose between normal game war in wich you can use cubes(or other prop that you choose) has barricades and atack with them. You can choose 1 very powerfull CT with knife only vs all T in wich T to survive have to work toghether and protect with cube barricades. And an infection style gameplay in wich if you get killed by a CT you become one. It's all very configurable and a server with the same script can be totally diferent from others. In the script I created a Portal game theme with sounds (but you don't have to use them) in wich you can spawn companion cubes without limit ! You can create a zombie style or whatever. In the example in the pictures I did Gaben vs The Kitty Cats lol. [size=18][b][color=blue]Get sounds here!!!![/color][/b][/size] Tested on my very low specs server with more then 100 cubes without problems. It's up to you to determine the amount of cubes your server can handle. [size=18][b][color=blue]Recomended plugins and scripts:[/color][/b][/size] Dog's Gravity Gun for CSS only on mod 1! Mani skin chooser to add custom skins or Skin Chooser by Nato Hunter or similar And important: A prop stripper so you can use more cubes without lag(not obligatory but with this you can increase amount of maximum cubes in game. dissolver wich is very nice for dead bodys! est tools configured to remove unecesary objects or the one Im using. Metamod Stripper [size=18][b][color=blue]Configs:[/color][/b][/size] bind +cube to spawn cubes say !dgun to give you a gun and extra ammo(configurable) ¡Only available on mod 1 or 2! [code]//configurable mod //0 -use props wars only //1 - One CT versus all T ... a tactics mod //2 - Infection style if a CT player kills you you became a CT es_xset cube_mod "0" "set 0 to prop wars set 1 to enable the mod C vs all T set 2 to do an infection style gameplay" // use at your CPU capability ... tested well with 100 cubes in a very low spec machine es_xset boxes_quantity "60" "amount of companion cubes ingame" //way to remove props //1- by timer and no boxes limit ... set less time if too much boxes are spawned //2- If box sets maximun limit it removes props ... once there's only 10 more boxes to use it removes the first ones es_xset prop_mod "2" //if prop_mod 1 timer settings ... after 20 seconds they start to desapear es_xset timer_to_remove "20" //only alive people can use props , not so much fun... es_xset onlyalive "0" //only Terrorists can use Props ... Good for mod 1 or 2 es_xset terrorists_only "1" // if you use any diferent model add it here to prechache and to use es_xset props_to_spawn "portal/cube.mdl" //***************************CT PROPERTIES******************** //set ct model if turn to 1 //remember to add somewhere the ct model to download!!! es_xset ct_model_on "0" es_xset ct_model_choose "player/ct_urban.mdl" //CT strenght es_xset man_health "3000" es_xset man_speed "2" "speed multiplyer" es_xset man_gravity "0.5" // 0 is invisible 255 is full visibility es_xset man_alpha_level "255" //***************************SAY !dgun ************************** //gun to give if player says !dgun // see weapon reference here!!! es_xset gun_to_give "weapon_deagle" //amount of ammo given es_xset ammo_ammount "200" //**************ROUND START AND PLAYER HURT SOUNDS************* //TURN TO 1 IF YOU WANNA USE YOUR SOUNDS AND MESSAGES OR TURN 0 DEFAULT es_xset custom_sounds "1" //remember dont add the sound folder and sounds are automaticly set to download //sound at round start es_xset round_start_sound "picked/picked_03.wav" es_xset t_hurt "shot/shot_01.wav" es_xset t_hurt_headshot "shot/collide_5.wav" es_xset ct_hurt "shot/shot_01.wav" es_xset ct_hurt_headshot "shot/collide_5.wav" //*********ROUND END SOUNDS AND PHRASESª********* //remember dont add the sound folder and sounds are automaticly set to download //round tie es_xset round_tie "Round Tie" es_xset round_tie_sound "picked/picked_09.wav" //CT win es_xset round_ct_win "CT wins!!!" es_xset round_ct_win_sound "picked/picked_04.wav" //T wins es_xset round_t_win "T wins!!!" es_xset round_t_win_sound "seen/seen_03.wav" //No bomb planted es_xset round_bomb_no "No bomb Planted!" es_xset round_no_bomb_sound "idle/idle_04.wav" //hostages saved es_xset round_ct_hostages "All hostages saved!" es_xset round_hostages_saved_sound "picked/picked_08.wav" //no hostages saved es_xset round_t_no_hostages "No hostages were saved" es_xset round_no_hostages_sound "dropped/Dropped_1.wav"[/code]

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