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GlobalBan Screenshot
Led by: Soynuts
Collaborators: odonel
Store all your bans in a mysql database on your webserver. Comes with a complete standalone web front end.

GlobalBan Details Version: v3.4.1 r154
Updated:2011-05-15 14:49:44
Downloads: 68490

mani_admin_check Screenshot
Check admin from mani admin plugins clients.txt and adminlist.txt (adminlist.txt.old)

mani_admin_check Details Version: 1.1.0
Updated:2009-04-23 01:52:39
Downloads: 5145

Dynamic pinglimit for Mani Admin Screenshot
by stabby
Automatically changes the pinglimit for MANI admin depending on the amount of players on server.

Dynamic pinglimit for Mani Admin Details Version: beta 1 (0.1)
Updated:2010-01-27 14:19:16
Downloads: 3154

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