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Guns'n'GreNades - Version 1.4b

posted on 2008-11-09 16:43:08
by xfalcon61


This is a script based on a request by bliucarlos. You join the game, and you accidentally drop your pistol. You can type !ggn and buy a new one, or buy a grenade if you wanted. Fully customizable! [quote=Config] //////////////////////// //Weapon Configuration// //////////////////////// //Set the Type of Gun - MUST have weapon_ prefix attached //Default: es_xsetinfo ggn_gun "weapon_glock" //For a full list of weapons see: es_xsetinfo ggn_gun "weapon_glock" //Set the Type of Grenade //Options: weapon_hegrenade, weapon_smokegrenade, weapon_flashbang //Default: es_xsetinfo ggn_nade "weapon_hegrenade" es_xsetinfo ggn_nade "weapon_hegrenade" /////////////////////// //Price Configuration// /////////////////////// //Set the Prices //First, the Gun alone //Default: 400 es_xsetinfo ggn_gunprice 400 //Next, the grenade price //Default: 300 es_xsetinfo ggn_nadeprice 300 //And Finally, the Combo price //You should set this to a little lower than the combined price, for a deal //Default: 600 es_xsetinfo ggn_comboprice 600 //////////////////////// //Advert Configuration// //////////////////////// //Do you want ads on? //1- yes (Default) //0- no es_xsetinfo ggn_ads 1 //Advert Prefix //This comes before the actual advert //Default: "[GGN - Guns n GreNades]" es_xsetinfo ggn_advertprefix "[GGN - Guns n GreNades]"[/quote]


To install, download the file, extract into your cstrike directory. Place the following into your autoexec.cfg: es_load ggn Restart your server and the addon will be loaded!

Version Notes For 1.4b

Updated on: 2008-11-09 21:36:41 EST by xfalcon61 (View Zip Contents)
Version 1.4 Beta - Changed syntax to removing cash.

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