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BackRaw's SeekMe - Version 2.2

posted on 2009-10-16 12:25:47
by BackRaw


SeekMe is a "Hide'N'Seek" conversion with more functionality. [b]Features[/b]:[list][*]Easily add new maps to the script or edit existing ones [*]Flash or Freeze the Counter-Terrorists X seconds after they have spawned [*]Ts can use the say-command [b]!hide[/b] only once a round [*]Admins can choose between auto-choosing model, or let the choice to the player via a popup menu [b]Configuration[/b]:[code]// BackRaw's SeekMe v2.0 // Configuration file // Say whether to 'freeze' or 'blind' the seekers on round-start seekme_action "freeze" // Give the hiders a knife each round for better chances to survive? 1/0 seekme_knife 1 // 1/0 for either enabling or disabling the buyzone for the hiders seekme_buyzone 0 // How many seconds to apply the preferred actions and/or give the hiders a knife? seekme_duration 3[/code] [b]Example-File for map-adding/editing[/b]:[list]Please see the [url=]post in the forums[/url] for that - Somehow some letters can't be viewed in ESAM...[/list] I really appreciate if you can send me new map-files... existing ones:[list][*]cs_militia [*]cs_office [*]de_dust2 [*]de_inferno [*]de_nuke [*]de_port [*]de_prodigy [*]de_train[/list] Please test this with other games...


1. Extract the Zip-file to ./cstrike 2. Add es_load seekme to your autoexec.cfg file 3. Change the map

Version Notes For 2.2

Updated on: 2013-02-08 16:57:47 EST by BackRaw (View Zip Contents)
- did some code optimization and corrections

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