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Guns n Grenades Python ScreenShot

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Guns n Grenades Python - Version 1.0

posted on 2008-11-11 15:23:24
by BackRaw

Tags: css


Guns n Grenades allows you to buy either a gun, a grenade, both, or health, all configurable: [code]// ********************************* // * Guns'n'Grenades Configuration * // ********************************* // * Weapon Configuration * // Set the weapon you want (withOUT the weapon_ prefix!) ggn_gun "glock" // Set the grenade you want (withOUT the weapon_ prefix!) options: hegrenade, flashbang, smokegrenade ggn_nade "hegrenade" // * Price Configuration * // Set the price for the gun ggn_gunprice 400 // Set the grenade price ggn_nadeprice 300 // Set the combo price (should set this little lower than the combined price, for a deal ggn_comboprice 600 // Set the health price (0 = off) ggn_healthprice 6000 // * Advert/Announcement Configuration * // Advert/Announcement on? ggn_ads 1 // This comes before the actual advert/announcement ggn_adsprefix "[GGN - Guns'n'Grenades]"[/code] This is released under this [url=]License[/url] Got premissions to rewrite it to python from [url=]xfalcon61[/url].


Extract the file to ./cstrike Put [i]es_xload ggn[/i] in your autoexec.cfg Either load it manually ([i]rcon es_load ggn[/i]) or do a mapchange.

Version Notes For 1.0

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