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Anti Rush - Version 1.8

posted on 2010-02-16 07:16:41
by Glodny

Requires: [list][*][url=]Auth Provider version Latest[/url][/list]

Tags: css


- rushing is allowed for Terrorists on de_ maps; - rushing is allowed for Counter-Terrorists on cs_ maps; - rushing is allowed for Counter-Terrorists, when the bomb has been planted; - rushing is allowed for Terrorists, when the hostages are rescued.


1. Extract the file to your /cstrike/ directory: /addons/eventscripts/anti_rush/ /addons/eventscripts/anti_rush/anti_rush.cfg /addons/eventscripts/anti_rush/es_zones_db.txt /addons/eventscripts/anti_rush/strings.ini 2. Edit the config file anti_rush.cfg. 3. Add the following lines in autoexec.cfg: es_load examples/auth/basic_auth BASIC_AUTH_ADMIN_LIST "STEAM...;STEAM..." es_load anti_rush

Version Notes For 1.8

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