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delayed_respawn - Version 1.3

posted on 2010-11-27 21:03:31
by LobsterMan

Tags: css respawn


NEW IN 1.3: Players auto-respawn after death This is a simple little addon I made (designed for use on my surf server) that allows people to respawn (only when dead) after a 15 second delay. The delay is there mostly so that if someone dies right after the round starts, or join late, they will still get a chance to play. But if they die late into the round, the delay makes it more likely that the round will end before they respawn, thus not dragging the round out for too long. Now you can also determine for how long into each round people may respawn, default 60secs. You can configure the number of times people are allowed to respawn per round (default 1), the time into each round before respawn is disabled (default 60), as well as the time before a respawn takes place after being triggered (default 15sec); on lines 10, 16, and 13 of the script. I tried to keep it relatively simple and the comments should indicate where to change values if you wish to do so. You should not need to change anything out side of the indicated area, although you can change the text color of the announcements by changing #green to #darkgreen or #lightgreen, etc... Players are indexed by steamid, and this should prevent them from simply rejoining if their respawn limit has been reached during any particular round; this functionality may prevent this script from working on LAN-only servers.


Just extract the zip archive to your cstrike (or whatever mod, only tested in CS:S but may work in other OB games) directory and then add es_load delayed_respawn to your autoexec.cfg file

Version Notes For 1.3

Updated on: 2011-06-17 17:48:55 EST by LobsterMan (View Zip Contents)
-Players will now auto-respawn after death; people who join late still need to type !respawn to respawn -Also fixed up some chat messages and made things a little neater/more descriptive

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