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NutStats [HLStatsX Plugin] Screenshot
NutStats is a Ingame Stats viewer for HLStatsX

NutStats [HLStatsX Plugin] Details Version: 1.3
Updated:2010-10-03 15:54:07
Downloads: 6137

Allows admins to punish people by removing ranking points from them

HLStatsX Punisher Details Version: KwikFix 2 for v1.1
Updated:2007-11-26 11:20:27
Downloads: 3508

Detect and log (hlstatsx/psychostats) team flashes. Also logs other flash events, displays in-game team flash effectiveness stats.

TFlash Details Version: 1.53P
Updated:2008-05-26 11:41:23
Downloads: 6319

Triggers events for player killstreaks (Dominating, Killing Spree, etc.) that can be logged with hlstatsx/psychostats

QuakeLog Details Version: 1.3P
Updated:2008-06-04 20:03:43
Downloads: 3161

Logs headshots for stats packages.

loghs Details Version: 1.0
Updated:2008-11-10 19:17:30
Downloads: 1217

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