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QuakeLog - Version 1.3P

posted on 2008-04-24 10:39:11
by *XYZ*SaYnt


[b]Purpose:[/b] This addon allows you to log the quake killstreaks, such as Dominating, Killing Spree, etc. etc. Just install this addon on the game server, and then configure your hlstatsx or psychostats to catch the events and/or give awards for them. Designed to work with Mani Admin, so that the killstreak amounts are picked up automatically. Triggers are logged so that you can pick up these events in stats packages such as HLStatsX and Psychostats: [list] Quake_Dominating Quake_Rampage Quake_KillingSpree Quake_MonsterKill Quake_Unstoppable Quake_UltraKill Quake_GodLike Quake_WickedSick Quake_LudicrousKill Quake_HolyShit [/list] An example of these logged items in action is at [url][/url] Enjoy!


Unzip the file in your cstrike directory, and everything will be placed correctly. Then, in your autoexec.cfg, add the following line: [code] es_load quakelog [/code] or, if you want to load it right away, log in with your rcon password from console, and do the load command: [code] rcon_password your_rcon_password rcon es_load quakelog [/code]

Version Notes For 1.3P

Updated on: 2008-06-04 20:03:43 EST by *XYZ*SaYnt (View Zip Contents)
Fixed a major bug in how/when the mani variables get read. It was common for quakelog to lose the trigger information it needed in order to function. This has been fixed.

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