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TFlash - Version 1.53P

posted on 2008-04-07 15:06:05
by *XYZ*SaYnt


Both eventscripts 1.x and eventscripts 2.0 version included in package. [b]Purpose:[/b] This script detects team flashes and reports: 1) to the flasher, who they just flashed and for how long 2) to the flashee, who flashed them and how long they were flashed for Also, end-of-round team stats (where the flashes are concerned) are computed and displayed. The script tells each team how many flashes they threw, what percentage flashed the other team, what percentage were team flashes, and what percentage were self flashes. Also, the following triggers are logged so that you can pick up these events in stats packages such as HLStatsX and Psychostats: [list] Team_Flasher Team_Flashee Self_Flasher OppositeTeam_Flasher Player_Blind Flash_Detonate [/list] An example of these logged items in action is at Seeing these stats is very informative to a player as to how many times they are team flashed, and also how effective their thrown flashes. [b]Acknowledgements:[/b] Special Thanks to medda (medda_atfs), who had code to determine the flash alpha and flash duration. Enjoy!


Unzip the file in your cstrike directory, and everything will be placed correctly. Then, in your autoexec.cfg, add the following line: es_load tflash [b]Configuration:[/b] Any variable in the "config" block of the script can be changed to your liking. What each variable does is documented in the script with the variable.

Version Notes For 1.53P

Updated on: 2008-05-26 11:41:23 EST by *XYZ*SaYnt (View Zip Contents)
no script changes; just added a public variable so that I can find what servers are using the addon.

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