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HLStatsX Punisher - Version KwikFix 2 for v1.1

posted on 2007-11-25 18:48:31
by ashbash1987


HLStatsX Punisher v1.1 - Gives your admins the power to remove HLStatsX ranking points from people currently playing on the server. Requirements - EventScripts [b]v2.0[/b] or higher - Use of [b]Admin Auth[/b] in a server configuration file - [url=]MySQL-DB for Python[/url] Installation - Place [b][/b] into addons/eventscripts/[b]hlpunish[/b]. - Edit these variables to your MySQL database settings: [code]#Replace the default values for your MySQL database hlp_host = "localhost" hlp_user = "user" hlp_pass = "password" hlp_db = "database"[/code] - Add the [b]MySQL-DB[/b] module to the addons folder. - Add [b]es_load hlpunish[/b] to your [b]autoexec.cfg[/b] Using HLStatsX Punisher - Use the command [b]!hlpunish [/b] in your chat window, replacing with your reason for punishing by points. For example: [b]!hlpunish spamming chat[/b] would result in saying "You have had points deducted for spamming chat" Notes - This is my first ESPy script (but not my first ES script), so please be nice to me!

Version Notes For KwikFix 2 for v1.1

Updated on: 2007-11-26 11:20:27 EST by ashbash1987
KwikFix 2 for v1.1 - A slight edit in the registration of the say command. It now registers as an admin command now, rather than a public command, then checked to see if it's called by an admin.

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