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Guess The Song! - Version 2.0.0

posted on 2008-01-10 14:07:12
by ojii


Bored? GUESS THE SONG! This is a just-for-fun addon for any game supported by ES2.0, the clientcommand gts plays a random song from the gts songdatabase and players have to guess it, to score points and get unlimited honor by leading the highscores. [b]NOTE: This addon requires [url=]ojiiupdater BETA 3![/url] plugin![/b] Songs you want on your server need to be added to the database first. Admins can use an ingame filebrowser to add mp3s (and even short them down to a certain filesize), if the mp3s have correct id3 tags. The command to get this browser is gts_admin in the clientconsole. Also the admins can set settings using the command gts_settings. For more information see below. [b]It is highly recommended to use short and small mp3 files (500-700kb)![/b] Clients can trigger gts using the chatcommand 'guessthesong!'. They can also disable gts for themselves using togglegts in chat. Admins can use the same command in server console (rcon) to disable/enable the addon globally. The update system uses now the automated updatepopup from ojiiupdater Beta 3. Use gts_updatemenu to get it. NEVER update when players are playing on the server. Updating (and checking for new versions) WILL cause a load of lag! Should there be Problems with this Addon please post on the Forums in the specified thread. Command usages: [CODE]gts_admin {password}[/CODE] Example: [CODE]gts_admin mypassword[/CODE] [CODE]gts_updatemenu {password}[/CODE] Example: [CODE]gts_updatemenu mypassword[/CODE] [CODE]gts_settings {variable} {value}[/CODE] Following Variables are available: max_size: Maximum amount of bytes that all songs have that are used during a map. This limits the download load for the clients. Any integer is possible as value and will be the size in Bytes. Default value is 5242880. The value can also be followed by 'B', 'KB' or 'MB'. max_songs: Limit of songs that are used during a map. priority: Determins whether max_size, max_songs or the one first reached is used. Posiible values: 'size','songs' or 'both' enable: Enables or disables GTS, possible values are 1 and 0 adminpw: Password used for the adminmenu Example: [CODE]gts_settings max_size 4 MB gts_settings max_size 512000 gts_settings max_songs 12 gts_settings priority both gts_settings adminpw helloworld gts_settings enable 1[/CODE]

Version Notes For 2.0.0

Updated on: 2008-01-18 20:49:52 EST by ojii
Almost complete redo of the addon. New stuff:[list] [*] Adminmenu to add and delete files, set the default sizelimit for importing mp3s and can launch the updatemenu [*] Since ojiiupdater Beta 3 is used the gts_update command is replaced by gts_updatemenu [*] Songlimit can also be size [*] Support of Ben Gertzfields ID3 class that makes it a lot easier to import songs [*] Configs file stores now more and more important configs. It has all the stuff that can be used in gts_settings. [/list]

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