User Addons

LnD Stats Screenshot
by LnD
LnD Stats casts all things about Player you want!

LnD Stats Details Version: v1.8
Updated:2011-07-17 09:25:34
Downloads: 4169

LnD BHop Screenshot
by LnD
LnD BHop is A Full Server Addon for BHop Servers, and usefull for TrikZ- and Deathrun-Servers too, Its Full Configurable

LnD BHop Details Version: v2.0
Updated:2011-07-17 09:24:14
Downloads: 9698

LnD Knife Screenshot
by LnD
LnD Knife is a Full-Featured Knife Addon, you can set the HP, ARMOR and CASH Which a Player gain if he Kills someone with a Knife, u can set if A Player will be burned or freezed if hitted by a Knife, and A Knife-Only Mod is included too!

LnD Knife Details Version: v1.8
Updated:2011-07-17 09:23:02
Downloads: 7382

by LnD
LnD BHop-Stamm is a Stamm-Player Addon Like Stamm, but for BunnyHop-Servers, because it casts Jumps!

LnD BHop-Stamm Details Version: v1.8
Updated:2011-07-17 09:25:16
Downloads: 5658

by LnD
LnD Jail is A usefull Addon for Jail Servers with many Features and A Full Customizable .CFG!

LnD Jail Details Version: v1.4
Updated:2011-07-17 09:27:16
Downloads: 3850

by LnD
LnD Survival is A Full Server-Addon, which is like Zombie Mod, but the zombie's are BOTs and getting stronger every Wave. The Terrorists have to Survive!

LnD Survival Details Version: OPEN BETA
Updated:2011-07-16 12:05:49
Downloads: 2536

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