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IPToCountry Screenshot
Resolves IP addresses to name of the originating country. Requires only ES 2.0+

IPToCountry Details Version: 3
Updated:2010-12-02 21:46:46
Downloads: 54877

Most Active Screenshot
Counts the playing time of a player on the server

Most Active Details Version: 4.0.2
Updated:2009-01-02 15:10:26
Downloads: 12156

[*NEW*] Playerdetails(Playerstatus) by team-wb Screenshot
by uedi
Playerstatus shows a popup when A Player join, with many Info's about him ( see picture).

[*NEW*] Playerdetails(Playerstatus) by team-wb Details Version: 2.5
Updated:2009-09-24 06:29:52
Downloads: 8395

Tracks the time you need for a surf map

Surf Tracker Details Version: 1.3
Updated:2007-07-12 10:27:18
Downloads: 6668

Play's sounds and shows texts for the remaining time

Time Left Details Version: 3.0.0
Updated:2008-04-12 06:26:19
Downloads: 10456

Counts the rounds and/or kills of players and assigns VIP players

Vip Mod Details Version: 2.0.0
Updated:2009-01-02 14:57:00
Downloads: 9869

Counts the rounds and displays the round number at round start

Round Counter Details Version: 4.0.0
Updated:2008-04-12 06:11:54
Downloads: 6202

checks that VAC is enabled and if not warns then changes map

Ace VAC check Details Posted: 2006-06-22 07:28:51

Shows damage info in your chat

Damage Info Details Version: 2.0.1
Updated:2009-04-08 10:31:46
Downloads: 8851

Script d'information des team envoyer par popup

Info Clan Details Version: 1.0
Updated:2009-03-04 12:24:10
Downloads: 3211

by ajax
When a player is the last one left on a team, he/she sees a message and privately hears the "one and only" sound.

One and Only Script Pack Details Posted: 2005-07-16 12:30:43

This is a small script that when you join the server it shows a popup outlining a welcome or rules or both.

Welcome / rules popup by -=BoDzSaR=- Updated Details Version: 2
Updated:2008-03-11 03:34:43
Downloads: 6721

give info on stored players

Ace Info *Updated September 27 2006* Details Posted: 2006-06-16 10:39:11

displays a list of all admins on server when player types

Ace Adminlist Details Posted: 2006-09-27 12:06:04

Allows everyone to see the rates of other players

Show Rates Details Version: 2.0.0
Updated:2009-01-02 12:02:55
Downloads: 6222

by Anubis
now in colour

Colour Nades [v1.1] Info about throwed grenade/flash/smoke Details Posted: 2007-04-21 13:19:14

by jozzy
Keeps track of team sizes - Announcement when only one player on each team remains. Announces how many BOTs and humans are opposing you!

JS Team-Manager Details Version: 1.3
Updated:2007-07-21 11:25:10
Downloads: 2739

by ichthys

Ultimate Admin Lite v1.1 Details Posted: 2005-12-01 14:42:39

[V1.2 (20.06.06)] / [V1.0 lite (20.05.06)]

MES by SaferFrags Details Posted: 2006-05-10 15:13:14

changes host name and other announcements every 60 secs

Ace Adverts *Updated June 4* Details Posted: 2006-06-04 09:19:19

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