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Welcome / rules popup by -=BoDzSaR=- Updated - Version 2

posted on 2008-03-10 03:25:31
by bodzsar1


This is a small script that when you join the server it shows a popup outlining a welcome or rules or both or server info or all 3! When you download this script you need to edit 8 easy lines to suit you self. You do this by opening the txt file and at the top you see this: [syntax="es"] // set to 1 for a welcome note, 2 for rules, 3 for server information // 4 welcome not and rules, 5 for all. es_xset _b_joinnote 5 // put your server name in the " " // eg. es_xset _b_servername "-=BoDzSaR=-'s FUN SERVER" es_xset _b_servername "-=BoDzSaR=-'s FUN SERVER" // put your email or steam addy in the " " // eg. es_xset _b_email "" es_xset _b_email "steam name: 50centcandyshop" // put your server location in the " " // eg. es_xset _b_sloc "Sydney, Australia" es_xset _b_sloc "Sydney, Australia" // Put you admin's names in the " " // es. es_xset _b_sadmin "Gary, Bryan, Carl, H4CkR" es_xset _b_sadmin "Bodzsar(owner), alfa, silent " // Put your server mods in the " " // eg. es_xset _b_smods "Mani Admin Plugin, EventScripts, Es_tools, MetaMod, SourceMod" es_xset _b_smods "Mani Admin Plugin, EventScripts, Es_tools, MetaMod, SourceMod" // Put another other info you wish in the " " // eg. es_xset _b_sanyotherinfo "Admin is for sale add 50centcandyshop to steam friends." // THERE ARE 2 EXTRA LINES FOR WHAT YOU WISH TO SAY! es_xset _b_sanyotherinfo "" es_xset _b_sanyotherinfo2 "" [/syntax] When you see this just do as it says to set it up!!


copy the zip folder into your server then add es_load welnote in your autoexec.cfg and restart the server or change the map.

Version Notes For 2

Updated on: 2008-03-11 03:34:43 EST by bodzsar1 (View Zip Contents)
Version 2 - added a option for server info Version 1 - welcome - rules

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