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ReadRules Screenshot
by Anomaly
Forces players to agree to rules before able to play on the server.

ReadRules Details Version: 2.0
Updated:2010-04-11 09:19:47
Downloads: 14046

CheeTaH Rules Screenshot
This isn't just another rules script

CheeTaH Rules Details Version: 1.6
Updated:2011-03-12 12:37:10
Downloads: 6915

Easy Rules Screenshot
by Deathyy
Rules popup menu.

Easy Rules Details Version: 1.1
Updated:2010-06-13 14:12:52
Downloads: 5557

Server Regeln Screenshot
by Shad0w
Eine Seite Server Regeln

Server Regeln Details Version: 1.1
Updated:2011-02-17 18:29:50
Downloads: 4136

A script that manages server rules easily for both visitors and admins.

Server Rules Script Details Version: v1.0.3
Updated:2007-08-22 12:16:00
Downloads: 7110

by Undead
A simple Rules Menu that enforces player to accept them.

Undead Rules Details Version: 1.3
Updated:2008-07-08 12:21:38
Downloads: 4405

Srules Screenshot
Custum your server whit srules! Creat a popup whit your own rules, admin info, mod on your server and more! check it out and woot if you like it. :D

Srules Details Version: V 1.21
Updated:2009-01-24 19:50:03
Downloads: 5265

This is a small script that when you join the server it shows a popup outlining a welcome or rules or both.

Welcome / rules popup by -=BoDzSaR=- Updated Details Version: 2
Updated:2008-03-11 03:34:43
Downloads: 4051

Rulesmenu Screenshot
Rules menu for CSS Servers

Rulesmenu Details Version: 2.0
Updated:2009-07-23 12:09:18
Downloads: 3864

Szerver menü v2 Magyar változata Screenshot
by kajla
A szerver menü régebbi, v2-es változata, admin menü nélkül! Frissítve!

Szerver menü v2 Magyar változata Details Version: 2.4
Updated:2009-10-31 21:00:48
Downloads: 4523

Regeln Deutsch/English Screenshot
by Tealk

Regeln Deutsch/English Details Version: v2.0
Updated:2009-10-05 11:43:56
Downloads: 3134

PoD-Adverts [With many colors] Screenshot
Mod to install adverts on your server. Multiple colors and the usage of server/addon variables included.

PoD-Adverts [With many colors] Details Version: v1.1
Updated:2012-11-07 14:20:17
Downloads: 2985

Updatet: 14/09/2007

crawfy_ultimate_cash Details Version: 3.2-14.09.07
Updated:2007-09-15 14:48:39
Downloads: 2490

Very easy to set up! Comes with commands, rules, how to join a clan, and admins list menus! Version 3 comes with a menu to give free guns!

Cookie's Popups Details Version: 3.1.1
Updated:2008-01-28 01:07:52
Downloads: 2083

Regle Screenshot
by sicilia
Menu affichant les règles du serveur

Regle Details Version: 1.1
Updated:2008-08-07 22:18:07
Downloads: 4213

Rules Menu Screenshot
by Shad0w
One Site Server Rules, easy edit

Rules Menu Details Version: 1.0
Updated:2011-02-17 18:32:51
Downloads: 1925

Jail Regeln Deutsch/German [Works with OB!] Screenshot
Dies ist ein einfaches JailRegeln Plugin. Sie können gegebenenfalls die Regeln verändern, was relativ einfach ist. Dieses Plugin funktioniert einwandfrei mit allen Serven mit dem aktuellsten EventScripts Patch.

Jail Regeln Deutsch/German [Works with OB!] Details Version: 0.5c
Updated:2013-01-25 16:21:43
Downloads: 6623

DreTaX's Rules Screenshot
An old rules addon fixed again ;)

DreTaX's Rules Details Version: 1.0
Updated:2012-08-16 07:37:53
Downloads: 1533

Custom Menu * Fixed UPDATED * Screenshot
by ZZMatty
Creates a public menu where people can see admins and server owners even more if you like, many settings and easy configuration!

Custom Menu * Fixed UPDATED * Details Version: v5
Updated:2013-03-01 05:41:36
Downloads: 2309

bigfabis Regeln (GER) Screenshot
by bigfabi
Deutsche Regeln.

bigfabis Regeln (GER) Details Version: 1.0
Updated:2010-07-10 10:32:26
Downloads: 1292

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