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Custom Menu * Fixed UPDATED * - Version v5

posted on 2013-02-04 17:50:12
by ZZMatty


[b][Custom Menu][/b] is a very usefull plugin, where players can see your admins even owners and server rules. You can config the plugin in many ways in [i]Version 5 (v5)[/i], so look forward for a even a more advanced but (simple) in-game menu. I provided more configuration to ensure you that this plugin was the 'one' you where looking for. Sorry guys there was some files I didn't put >.< Below here I listed the fixes and added features to check what is new in [i]Version 5 (v5)[/i]


Add a line to your autoexec.cfg or whatever! es_load custom_menu The files you can configure is: ********************************* [b]config.cfg admin_list.txt rule_list.txt [/b] ********************************* Here is a view of the config.cfg: [code]// Custom Menu v5 // Please remember to edit the command to your need // This is the command used to open the menu chat_command_main "!rules" // This is the command used, to open admin list (Shortcut from main menu) chat_command_admin "!admins" // 1 = ON, 0 = OFF. If this feature is enabled make sure to edit below advert_show "1" // Please edit the text to what you want it to tell every round! advert_tell_what "Open the server menu by typing !rules or !admins to view admins on the server." // Show menu when a player connects? 1 = Yes, 0 = No player_connect "1" // ***********************************************[/code] Please notice that the other files you have to edit too: I didn't display them because there was no reason just erase everything and write it how you like it :)! rule_list.txt admin_list.txt

Version Notes For v5

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