User Addons

Custom Menu * Fixed UPDATED * Screenshot
by ZZMatty
Creates a public menu where people can see admins and server owners even more if you like, many settings and easy configuration!

Custom Menu * Fixed UPDATED * Details Version: v5
Updated:2013-03-01 05:41:36
Downloads: 5750

Advanced Noblock Screenshot
by ZZMatty
A more advanced noblock with a lot of settings this addon is based on all types of servers

Advanced Noblock Details Version: v1.3 Public
Updated:2012-12-29 16:07:02
Downloads: 6965

Redirect  Screenshot
by ZZMatty
A plugin that allows players to join multiple server by typing a specific chat command.

Redirect  Details Version: v1.0
Updated:2013-02-09 13:51:54
Downloads: 5265

SRCPanel Screenshot
by ZZMatty
NEW: SRCPanel will improve server performence and will protect your server. There is now added bhop settings and much more!

SRCPanel Details Version: 1.0.1
Updated:2013-03-31 07:51:09
Downloads: 7891

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