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Redirect - Version v1.0

posted on 2013-02-09 13:03:02
by ZZMatty

Requires: Atleast two fingers to type and a brain


[b][/b][Server Redirect] If you have multiple servers, this plugin allow players to connect in-game to one of your other servers, by typing different chat commands. It will also announce every round, information about your server and the specific command to join that server, you can configure all this in the [b]server_redirect/configs/[/b] see more in [b]Installation[/b] This plugin allow you to have up to 10 servers.


Step 1. Add a line to your [b]autoexec.cfg[/b]: es_load server_redirect Step 2. Edit the two config files in server_redirect/configs/[b]config.cfg [/b] and add_server.cfg To give you an idea I posted the two files below here: ----------------------- add_server.cfg --------------------------- [code]// Server Redirect v1.0 // >>>>>>>>>>>>READ<<<<<<<<<<<< // If you want to leave something blank write none // You must write none else it will display the text anyway. // Remember to edit config.cfg just as important! // You can edit them again at any time! // redirect_1 is not an example so remember to edit that one too! // IP + Port to the server redirect_1 "" // Chat Command to join the server! redirect_desc_1 "!propserver" // ---------------------------------------- redirect_2 "" redirect_desc_2 "!wcs" // ---------------------------------------- redirect_3 "none" redirect_desc_3 "none" // ---------------------------------------- redirect_4 "none" redirect_desc_4 "none" // ---------------------------------------- redirect_5 "none" redirect_desc_5 "none" // ---------------------------------------- redirect_6 "none" redirect_desc_6 "none" // ---------------------------------------- redirect_7 "none" redirect_desc_7 "none" // ---------------------------------------- redirect_8 "none" redirect_desc_8 "none" // ---------------------------------------- redirect_9 "none" redirect_desc_9 "none" // ---------------------------------------- redirect_10 "none" redirect_desc_10 "none" // ----------------------------------------[/code] ----------------------- config.cfg --------------------------- [code]// Server Redirect v1.0 // >>>>>>>>>>READ<<<<<<<<< // If you want to leave something blank write none // You must write none if you not going to use them // You can edit them again at any time! // annouce_server_1 is not a example go and edit it // Set your server description that redirect will annouce annouce_server_1 "BuildWars | Prop [Fast DL]" annouce_server_2 "Hoejhus | WCS/DM" annouce_server_3 "none" annouce_server_4 "none" annouce_server_5 "none" annouce_server_6 "none" annouce_server_7 "none" annouce_server_8 "none" annouce_server_9 "none" annouce_server_10 "none"[/code]

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