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Advanced Noblock - Version v1.3 Public

posted on 2012-12-29 15:12:51
by ZZMatty


[b]************* Advanced NoBlock *******************[/b] This add-on allows a custom menu for noblock and can be configured in the [b]noblock.cfg[/b] as you like it. Easy to configure and enable. Basically a better and a new version of noblock Please do not load the other map folder named noblock_extra_content It will automatic if you configure the [b]noblock.cfg[/b] as you like it Our server: (If you're interested to see how the plugin works)


The plugin is based on two file(s) [b]noblock.cfg[/b] that you would be interested in. [b]noblock.pyc[/b] you shouldn't open. [quote]Step 1. Drag the files you download to your [b]cstrike[/b] folder Step 2. Edit the [b]noblock.cfg[/b] in the folder named noblock to the settings you like! Step 3. Add a line to your autoexec.cfg ( es_load noblock ) Step 4. Restart your server. Tip: Do NOT load the other folder named noblock_extra_content[/quote]

Version Notes For v1.3 Public

Updated on: 2012-12-29 16:07:02 EST by ZZMatty
Preview of noblock.cfg [code]// ***************************************** // Advanced NoBlock v1.2 Public // Configuration File // ***************************************** // // Our server: // ***************************************** // This file is based on 1/0 // Enable/Disable Features // HOW TO LOAD SCRIPT: // es_load noblock (to autoexec.cfg) // DON'T LOAD THE OTHER FOLDER!! (Extra) // ***************************************** // All Features are set by default // ***************************************** // 1 = Enabled / Disabled = 0 // ***************************************** // Advanced_NoBlock: Basic Setting // If this feature is enabled players will already have NoBlock activated when they spawn noblock_enable_always "0" // ***************************************** // Advanced_NoBlock: Menu Settings // This feature is enabled players can access to the menu noblock_menu_enabled "1" // if this feature is enabled players that have NoBlock you will be available to through noblock_ghost_mode "0" // **************************************************************** // Configuration finished (Reload or restart your script/server)[/code] // *****************************************************************

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