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SRCPanel - Version 1.0.1

posted on 2013-03-29 15:57:07
by ZZMatty


Please visit our website for updates and more features: [b][/b] We're a community that offer our plugin - SRCPanel for Counter - Strike: Source Secure and improve your server in any possible way, the base / standard plugin is free and is the only available. [b]Server performence[/b] SRCPanel will force the server to fix the rates to a correct amount and players aswell [b]Chat error auto-fixing[/b] SRCPanel will fix chat errors like double-display of rank, timeleft etc... Thanks to [b]nomy[/b] [b]Debugging[/b] Simply logs of errors and checking. [b]Player connection information[/b] When a player join it will display information about the player example (Steam ID) [b]Updates[/b] We will try to update it so fast as we can and the updates will only be available on our website. More features, visit the website: [b][/b] Latest Update: 31 marts (2013) [LIST] [*][b]Improving your server performence [*]Server error auto-fixing [*]Chat error auto-fixing [*]Server protection [*]Protection from people changing your settings [*]Player connection information (Steam ID ) [*]Debugging (Logs) [*]Updates[/b] [LIST] [b][*]NEW: Bhop Settings [*]NEW: You will be available to bhop and your speed will increase[/b] [/LIST] [/LIST] Do you need help click here Remember the instructions are in the download file, they're easy to follow and it will only take about 5 minutes and your gameserver will be running SRCPanel, if you want to configure the plugin, to make it how you want it to be it will only take an extra + 5 minutes. SRCPanel. You can look below here for a fast install and idea how-to-do,


Add a line to your [b]autoexec.cfg[/b] es_load srcpanel You can config the plugin how you like in the [b]srcpanel/configurations/my_srcpanel.cfg[/[quote][/quote]b] You can check logs in [b]srcpanel_user_log/...[/b]

Version Notes For 1.0.1

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