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CheeTaH Rules - Version 1.6

posted on 2010-04-03 04:20:43
by TheCheeTaH


As I said in "Summary", this isn't just another "rules script". There's a admins_and_rules.txt file included, where you simply but your rules in, and then it makes the menus itself.. Already here, it's better than most rule script, as in most rule script, you've to make the menus yourself. In the admins_and_rules.txt file, you can also add admins name and their steamid, this is the best part of the script in my opinion. Then we can type !rules, pick either "rules" or "admins", let's pick.. Admins.. Now there's a list that will look like this by default (if all are offline) [code] 1. Bevanz 2. CheeTaH 3. CrazyMadMan 4. Dementor 5. Little Miss 6. MaxLee 7. Mind 8. Seriously 9. ToasterBill[/code] Now, another example.. Bevanz is online, with the name "Unnamed" Little Miss is online, with the name "Guess Who" Mind is online, with the name "I hacked admin" Rest is offline, then it will look like this: [code] 1. Bevanz (Unnamed) 2. Little Miss (Guess Who) 3. Mind (I hacked admin) 4. CheeTaH 5. CrazyMadMan 6. Dementor 7. MaxLee 8. Seriously 9. ToasterBill[/code] As you might see.. It lists first online people, then offline- Online people will have a golden text in the menu. While Offline people will have a white text in the menu (Check pictures for a idea of how this "color-thing" works, the picture is from 1.0, and the one in 1.4 is a bit different!) It shows "Original Name" (The thing set in .txt file) on all players And shows Current Name on online users.. -- It's really easy to add/remove rules/admins!


extract to cstrike\ then put "es_xload crules" in \cfg\autoexec.cfg go to \addons\eventscripts\crules\ and edit the admins_and_rules.txt to your likings.

Version Notes For 1.6

Updated on: 2011-03-12 12:37:10 EST by TheCheeTaH (View Zip Contents)
You can now add sub groups* It's 'easier' to set the commands that opens the menu *sub groups: When you type !rules, then it shows Admins and Rules. In Admins it then shows admins types (Which you set in the TXT file), and when the admin type is chosen, it finally shows the admins in that 'class' And the Rules shows sub rules, like (Jail Rules, Admin Rules, Minigame Rules, Other rules), and when you've chosen the rule-type, it shows the rules for that type of rules. Idea by Ducky-Duck! (:

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