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PoD-Adverts [With many colors] ScreenShot

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PoD-Adverts [With many colors] - Version v1.1

posted on 2012-11-02 16:34:31
by SpeedFreak


This addon gives you the possibility to create your own server adverts or show server rules in the chat. It supports multiple colors (Thanks to Ayuto & Freakyy for the color list) and can even show server or addon variables. This is handy to display the size of a database or other settings by running addons. For configuration and commands view the forum thread:


[list][*] Download the zip File [*] Extract the file [*] Copy the pod_adverts folder to cstrike/addons/eventscripts/ [*] Edit config.cfg which is in the folder [*] Edit adverts.txt which is in the folder [*] Use colors.txt to create new colorcodes [*] Use customvars.txt to create new custom variables [*] Write "es_load pod_adverts" in your autoexec.cfg[/list]

Version Notes For v1.1

Updated on: 2012-11-07 14:20:17 EST by SpeedFreak (View Zip Contents)
[+] Improved Performance [+] Added Variable <$maxslots> = Number of maximum Serverslots [+] Added Variable <$freeslots> = Number of free Serverslots [+] Added Variable <$cheats> = Status of sv_cheats (Off / On) [+] Added Variable <$hostname> = Servername [+] Added Variable <$timeleft> = Time until the map ends (Output is: XX:XX) [You need a mapchange before the time can be calculated] [+] Added Variable <> = Returns if addon xxx is loaded (0 = Unloaded / 1 = Loaded) [+] Added IF-Statements = Check variables before you print out an advert. Read the adverts.txt for more information or look at the screenshots below. [-] Removed Variable <$nextmap>, because it is broken at the moment

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