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Srules - Version V 1.21

posted on 2008-10-11 03:06:01
by sandking220



Custum your server whit srules! Creat a popup whit your own rules, admin info, mod on your server and more! check it out and w00t! if you like it. :D The menu: .:Server Home:. 1. Rules 2. Admin list 3. Mod info 4. Credit You can put your own rules, put the name of all your admin on your server and explaine the mod for new player on your server! Have fun!


Extract the file in cstrike and add a line in autoexec.cfg es_load srules Type in game: !home Go in cfg files for custume your option then go in srules folder for add information in popup (Plz dont change the credit popup!)

Version Notes For V 1.21

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im back that all :D

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