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c4score - Version 1.1.3

posted on 2010-04-06 04:11:42
Led by DanielB
Collaborators: fearts


Concept by Fire (Fearts) Coding by DanielB Allows admins to declare the position of the hoops, and announces and makes a ding when a c4 or deagle scores through the hoop, including who threw it. To create boxes, first add your steamid to the file, on the line that reads: admins = ['STEAM_ID_LAN'] replace STEAM_ID_LAN with your own steamid. Then say "createbox" in chat, and follow the prompts to designate the 2 far corners of the box that covers the hoop (eg front-left under hoop, back-right over hoop). The point is taken from your feet (You may need someone to guide you during this stage). You will automatically be put in noclip for this step.


extract to cstrike add [b]es_load c4score[/b] to autoexec.cfg +w00t

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