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Ojii Clantag Protector - Version 1.1.0

posted on 2008-01-15 14:23:55
by ojii

Tags: css dods hl2dm sdk


[b]XA version is out! Usage of XA module strongly advised[/b] This addon will no longer be supported! XA module will: Features:[list] [*]Loads a list of clantags from a config file and checks every player for usage of the clantag (or a version of it) whenever he changes the name or connects to the server [*]Players will get kicked and warned until a certain limit is reached, then they'll get banned [*]Players can register themself as a clanmember if they know the selfreg_pw [*]Trying to register with the wrong password will also lead to a kick and warnings [*]Admins can ban and unban steamids which will prevent/allow them to selfregister them [*]Admins can register players using a list of players on the server or by entering the steamid [*]OCP uses the latest Ojiiupdater (Beta 3) which provides a GUI Updater Frontend. [*]OCP uses a textfile to store the clanmembers which can be edited using a notebpad. For more information about the syntax for that file, have a look at the configs file [*]OCP config file can be edited with a notepad as well. [/list] Clientcommands:[list] [*]ocp_selfreg Registers the player as a clanmember if the password is correct, allow_selfreg is 1 and he is not banned. [*]ocp_update Will send the player the updatemenu if he is an admin [/list] Servercommands (rcon or serverconsole):[list] [*]ocp_reg Will register the steamid as a clanmember with the name given. the steamid and the name MUST be in double quotes, example: ocp_reg "STEAM_1:2:34567890" "Ojii" [*]ocp_regplayer Will send a menu to the console from which the admin can choose a player to add [*]ocp_unreg Will send a menu to the console from which the admin can choose a player to remove [*]ocp_ban Will prevent the steamid from registring himself. Steamid must be in double quotes [*]ocp_unban Will send a menu to the console from which the admin can choose a steamid to unban [/list] Config values:[list] [*]clantags = ,,, a list of clantags seperated by three commas [*]limit = 5 The limit of warnings before a player gets banned [*]adminfile = 'cfg/admins.txt' The file where the clanmembers get stored. Relative to the games root direction [*]allow_selfreg = 1 Allows or disallows self regristration [*]selfreg_pw = The password used for self regristration [/list]

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