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CS:S Alternative RPG - Version Beta 1.01

posted on 2009-11-28 22:24:31
by spoonman184



CS:S Alternative RPG is an alternative to the highly popular RPG addons CS:S RPG ( and SourceRPG ( This RPG mod is different in that the leveling system is scored differently, the skills are ENTIRELY different, and it is much more customizable with none-to-some experience of ESP coding. [color=red]Skills[/color]: [b]Armory[/b] - Refills your clip for you, and when it is full starts to refill your ammo [b]Bleed[/b] - A chance that your victim will eventually bleed to death [b]Damage[/b] - Just straight up extra damage [b]Flamethrower[/b] - Your shotgun burns anyone it hits [b]High Jump[/b] - Jump High! [b]Houdini[/b] - Trade positions with the person who shot you [b]Jab[/b] - Quick-Stab someone to send them flying away [b]Poison Nade[/b] - Your grenades damage someone once more after they detonate [b]Shield[/b] - A barricade spawns between you and the person who shot you [b]Slap[/b] - Slap your opponents screen [b]Speed[/b] - Extra speed when you spawn [b]Treasure[/b] - Find extra things inside breakable objects A Special Thanks To The Following Coders: [b]SuperDave[/b] - For all his help! [b]FredDukes[/b] - For some of his code for the admin menus! [b]Jeff91[/b] - For putting up with all my incessant questioning!


To install this addon, open the zip-file and then place the folder "css_arpg" in "/cstrike/addons/eventscripts/". Then, edit your autoexec.cfg file by adding the line "es_load css_arpg". If you wish to use the admin commands, you need to use an auth provider. All admins will then be able to access the admin menu by typing "arpgadmin". If you do not have an auth provider, add this to your autoexec.cfg file BEFORE you load css_arpg: es_load examples/auth/basic_auth BASIC_AUTH_ADMIN_LIST "ADMIN_STEAMID_1;ADMIN_STEAMID_2" Once you have loaded the mod, you can edit the settings by going into "/cstrike/addons/eventscripts/css_arpg" and editing "css_arpg.cfg". Make sure you reload the mod after editing the configuration file.

Version Notes For Beta 1.01

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Beta 1.01 - German Translations Added

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