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SourceRPG Screenshot
Classic RPG mod in Python with 18 skills! All fully customizable from the server console! EventScript's alternative to CSS:RPG.

SourceRPG Details Version: 2.1.063
Updated:2010-08-07 13:39:58
Downloads: 105801

GunGame 4 Screenshot
A leveling mod for Counter Strike Source

GunGame 4 Details Version: 4.0.96 RC1
Updated:2007-08-26 19:22:40
Downloads: 138380

WCS:Python Screenshot
Led by: Jeff91
Collaborators: freddukes
Classic, Fully Customizable, WarCraft:Source Mod. Rewritten in python for speed and functionality.

WCS:Python Details Version: 0.8.7a
Updated:2008-10-04 09:27:51
Downloads: 86492

by murpher
New CSS:RPG using only ES 1.5

MSRPG Details Version: 1.1.0
Updated:2007-08-24 20:17:07
Downloads: 19841

GunMod -- a rewrite of GunGame Screenshot
[7-12-07] Release 12 of GunMod adds some great new commands. GunMod requires only EventScripts v1.5+

GunMod -- a rewrite of GunGame Details Version: 12
Updated:2007-08-02 07:01:18
Downloads: 6519

Dungeons and Dragons: Source Screenshot
by Jeff91
A Dungeons and Dragons based Roleplaying mod for Source Games.

Dungeons and Dragons: Source Details Version: 0.6.2
Updated:2009-10-18 16:38:09
Downloads: 39439

D&D Classic Screenshot
Led by: Jeff91
Collaborators: PhoenixWolf spoonman184
Adds a Dungeons and Dragons based class and race system to CSS

D&D Classic Details Version: 2.2.2
Updated:2013-10-04 02:53:10
Downloads: 49843

ES RPGMaker Screenshot
by Jeff91
A flexible RPG Gameplay Creation System

ES RPGMaker Details Version: 1.0 and Python .61
Updated:2010-03-06 00:15:47
Downloads: 44414

by EmbouT
Ceci est une traduction du célèbre et incontournable mod pour Counter-Strike: Source : GunGame 4 écrit par Cagemonkey et XE_Manup.

GunGame4 en Français Details Version: 4.0.100
Updated:2008-07-12 07:28:23
Downloads: 7891

by 7355608
WarCraft: Source in Python

WarCraft: Source 2 Details Version: 1.0 beta 1
Updated:2008-02-28 16:06:05
Downloads: 5420

by 7355608
WC3FT (Remake of the cs 1.6 mod)

WarCraft 3: The Frozen Throne Details Version: 2.1
Updated:2007-12-05 13:56:36
Downloads: 4997

by RideGuy
Adjusts health and money (optional) based on kills to deaths ratio

Even The Odds Details Version: 1.4
Updated:2007-07-12 15:29:23
Downloads: 2909

by RideGuy
Players level up as a team, and not individuals.

GG Teamplay Details Version: v1.0
Updated:2007-08-07 19:03:53
Downloads: 3223


Gun Game v3.0.31 *OUTDATED* Details Posted: 2006-05-05 07:20:51

by saggy
[V1.2.2 (1.10.06)] Now With BF2 ranks!

WarMod Details Posted: 2006-06-27 03:39:45

Fun leveling game with awesome effects and powers

[V1.0.1][Last Update:1/05/07]Counter-Villain Details Version: 1.0.1
Updated:2007-08-17 00:24:06
Downloads: 2940

by Don
Players change colors as they get more kills! Set colors and levels!

ColorUp v1.05 by Don - Works with DoD:S! Details Version: 1.05
Updated:2007-07-11 19:56:16
Downloads: 2906

gg_knifenade_se Screenshot
Gun Game v4 Addon that gives Bonuses as well as Special Effects for Knife and Nade levels.

gg_knifenade_se Details Version: 1.33
Updated:2007-09-28 00:12:49
Downloads: 15273

gg_KnifePro Screenshot
Edit of Gun Game's Knife Pro to give configurable options.

gg_KnifePro Details Version: 1.45
Updated:2007-09-03 00:41:38
Downloads: 10831

*Meow RPG* Screenshot
Led by: *meow*
Collaborators: dretax14
Classic RPG-Mod with new features like Premium rights. Includes 22 Skills.

*Meow RPG* Details Version: 1.0.5
Updated:2013-04-10 12:29:52
Downloads: 19053

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