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*Meow RPG* - Version 1.0.5

posted on 2012-12-14 10:43:38
Led by *meow*
Collaborators: dretax14


[b][url=]Meow RPG[/url][/b] is a new RPG-Mod, which is based on the ideas of old RPG-Mods (like Source:RPG, CSS:RPG or RPG:PRO). [b][url=]Meow RPG[/url][/b] takes these ideas and adds new gameplay elements to the classic RPG-Mods. With [b][url=]Meow RPG[/url][/b] every player on your Counter-Strike Source Server gains experience points for different in-game actions (like killing an enemy or planting the bomb). If a player received enough experience, he gets his next Level and some Credits, which act as currency unit. You can buy abilities (called Skills) with this virtual money. These Skills provide you and your team an immense advantage over your enemies. You can use [b][url=]Meow RPG[/url][/b] on all popular maps like on the classical cs_ and de_ maps as well as on all kinds of Fun-Servers (Slide, Surf, AWP/Scout and so on). Furthermore you can combine it with other Counter-Strike Source Plugins (like Deathmatch or GunGame). As a result of a simple installation and configuration, everybody can use [b][url=]Meow RPG[/url][/b] on his own Counter-Strike Source Server. The homepage of [b][url=]Meow RPG[/url][/b] provides tutorials about installation, configuration and even about creating your own Skills. [b][url=]Meow RPG[/url][/b] is the first RPG-Mod for Counter-Strike Source Servers, which is equipped with a global Premium-Mod. A player, who buys Premium-Rights, gains more experience points and credits than normal players on all servers, which have activated the Premium-Mod. Furthermore every server hoster can register his server on the website of [b][url=]Meow RPG[/url][/b] and as a result he receives a percentage of the premium benefits. [b]Avialable Skills:[/b] [i]1. Antifall[/i] If a player takes falldamage, he gets back his previous HP with a chance of 20 % per level (the skill won’t save you, if the fall is deadly)! [i]2. Armor[/i] A player recieves 20 armor per level when spawing. If the current armor is higher than the armor that would be recieved nothing happens, otherwise the armor is restocked. [i]3. Damage[/i] With the help of this Skill a player deals additional damage (5% per level) to all targets he hurts. [i]4. Denial[/i] With the help of Denial you get your weapons, which you lost by dying, back when you respawn. On level 1 you only get your grenades, armor and special equipment (like defuser or nightvisiongoogles) back. With skilling level 2, you also get equipped with your former secondary weapon. On level 3 you get back everything you had. [i]5. Firegrenade[/i] Each player, who was damaged by a hand grenade, will be ignited. This fire burns for 1s per level. [i]6. Frostpistol[/i] If a player gets hurt by a pistol, he slows down. Weak pistols (Glock, USP, P228) have a stronger effect. The slowing lasts for 1s per level. [i]7. Gravity[/i] The gravity has less influence on the player. Per level gravity decreases 5%. [i]8. Health[/i] The life points of the player are increased by 10 per level. [i]9. Icestab[/i] If you hurt your enemy with a strong knife attack (secondary attack), he will be frozen in a block of ice for 1s per level. The ice protects the enemy from all kinds of damages apart from damage done by hand grenades and knives. [i]10. Impulse[/i] If a player gets hurt, he gains one new bullet pre level into his current magazine and moves with higher speed for 1s (20% more speed per level). [i]11. Longjump[/i] The jumping power of the player increases drastically. Per level you can jump up to 25% further. [i]12. Medic[/i] The player shares his healing talents with his comrades. All team members, that are standing in an area of 300 units around the player, gain 5 HP per level every 3s. If the health is restored completely, you receive 10 armor points per level. [i]13. Parachute (needs SPE)[/i] When falling a player, who skilled Parachute, can press and hold "E". As a result his parachute opens and he recives no falldamage. Furthermore he can control the flight direction. The parachute can be used once per level each round. [i]14. Poisonnade[/i] If a player throws a smoke grenade, the grenade generates deadly poison. The smoke damages all enemies standing in the smoke every second with 1 HP per level. To separate the friendly grenades from the deadly grenades, their smoke is colored with the team colors (blue for counter-terrorists, red for terrorists). [i]15. Regeneration[/i] As a result of his healing talents 1 life point per level is added to the player’s live points every 3 seconds. [i]16. Respawn[/i] If a player dies, he will be respawned with a chance of 5% per level. [i]17. Resupply[/i] The player receives a continuous ammo supply. He gains 1 bullet per level for all weapons every 3 seconds. [i]18.Speed[/i] The player receives a speed bonus. He moves 5% faster each level. [i]19. Stealth[/i] The player will be 15% more transparent per level and can surprise his enemies. [i]20. Stunnade[/i] The flashbang of the player changes into an effective confusion grenade. On the one hand it loses his ability to blind enemies (and friends), but on the other hand it shakes the screens of all enemies for 2 seconds per level. The strength depends on the level of the player. To protect friends, they are not influenced by the grenade. [i]21. Teleport[/i] The player can use his energy to teleport to any place of the map. Since high energies are needed for teleporting, players can teleport once every 5 minutes and only once per level each map. Furthermore it needs 5 seconds to gain enough energy, so a player is unable for this time before he teleports. If he is hurted in this timeperiod the teleport will be canceled. To set the teleport position a player must walk to it and then type "!setteleport". Saying "!teleport" will start the teleport countdown. The target position will be resetted each map change! [i]22. Vampire[/i] The player rejoices in the pains of his enemy. As a result he receives 5% per level of the damage, which he inflicted, as life points. [b]Innovations:[/b] [i]1. Premium-Mod[/i] Players can buy premium rights. These rights get activated on all servers that run [b][url=]Meow RPG[/url][/b], if the server hoster enabled premium. If a player bought premium rights he gains double XP and double credits. Furthermore every server hoster can register his server on the website of [b][url=]Meow RPG[/url][/b]. If a player buys premium, he can select one of the registered servers, where he is playing often, and this server gets a part of the money the player spends for buying premium rights. As a result on the one hand players befit by leveling faster, sever hosters earn money and can finance their servers and the development costs are defayed. [i]2. Balanced Leveling[/i] As a result of a smart algorithm every player gains a fair XP-Amount for each kill. If a player kills an enemy that is on a very high level, he gains receives more XP, than for killing a weaker enemy. Furthermore a player gains XP for headshots, wounding enemies, bomb planting and defusing and also for hostage rescuing. [i]3. Simple configuration[/i] Several small configuration files enable a very simple and intuitive configuration of [b][url=]Meow RPG[/url][/b]. [i]4. Online-Ranking[/i] Every server hoster can get the source for a webpage for the online ranking on request. So it is possible to display the current XP and level of all players in the internet (alike as displaying HLStatsX online). [i]5. Free skill integration[/i] As a result of a dynamic saving system and a smart skillmanager it is possible, to create your own skills and embed them into the running [b][url=]Meow RPG[/url][/b]. There is no need to reset the player’s achievements, you only have to restart the server. On the homepage of [b][url=]Meow RPG[/url][/b] you can find a tutorial for creating your own skills. [b]Installation:[/b] 1 ) Download and install Eventscripts 2.1 or higher 2 ) Download the [b][url=]Meow RPG[/url][/b] file 3 ) Unzip the [b][url=]Meow RPG[/url][/b] file 4 ) Copy the single files into the given folder structure 5 ) Change the several configuration files according to your preferences (the configuration files can be found in the folder ”cstrike/cfg/meowrpg”) 6 ) Open the “autoexec.cfg” in the folder “cstrike/cfg” (if it is not existing, just create it) 7 ) Write “es_xload meowrpg” into a new line in the “autoexec.cfg” 8 ) Save the “autoexec.cfg” 9 ) Restart the server and enjoy [b][url=]Meow RPG[/url][/b] [b]Thanks to:[/b] - L'In20Cible: for his permission to use his code (Parachute and Damage Skills) - DreTaX14, wildd: for their engagement translating the language file [b]Must read:[/b] This script is protected by German and international copyright and related rights. It is not allowed to change the source or to publish the files in your name without the permission of the owner (visit the homepage of Meow RPG). The single skill files (find them in “cstrike/addons/eventscripts/meowrpg/Skills”) and the configuration files (find them in “cstrike/cfg/meowrpg”) form an exception. You can change and edit them like you want, but you are not allowed to publish the new file without naming the original author. Violations of these rules are an offence. Furthermore we do not take any responsibility for any damage, this script may cause. The execution happens on your own risk. We do not take any responsibility for server downtimes, data loss or any other interference that are caused by using this plugin.

Version Notes For 1.0.5

Updated on: 2013-04-10 12:29:52 EST by *meow* (View Zip Contents)
1. Changes: - Fixed a bug that deactivated some Skills - Fixed a bug that gave players 0 HP by hurting enemies 2. Known Bugs: - Custom skins do not work with Stunnade (players get invisible) - Stealth doesn't hide a player's weapons (can not be fixed properly) - Smokenade crashes some servers (maybe you should not activate it) 3. Missing/Not working things: - Online Ranking is not activated in this Version - Translation is not complete (some italian texts are in english) - Parachute models are not included (permission of the creator is still missing)

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