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GunGame 4 - Version 4.0.96 RC1

posted on 2007-07-22 23:21:32
by cagemonkey

Tags: css fun leveling


Most of the new features are for server admins, but players will notice increased performance on servers running version 4 vs. servers running version 3. The say commands and their displays have been improved drastically over version 3. [size=18][b][color=red]Requirements:[/color][/b][/size] Eventscripts v1.5.0.171a+ [url=]get it here[/url] ES_Tools 0.417a+ [url=]get it here[/url] [size=18][b]Installation:[/b][/size] [list][*]Make sure your server meets the requirements posted above first. If you do not have the requirements met, you will experience problems. [*]Download and unzip the GunGame 4 zip file [*]Edit the config file for your language located in the [color=#0000FF]cfg/gungame[/color] directory. [list][*]If you want to use the [color=#FF0000]ggmaplist.txt[/color] for voting, you should edit that file [*]If you want to use the web stats option available in the config, edit the included [color=#FF0000]gg4win.php[/color] script and place it on your web server[/list] [*]Upload all files to your cstrike directory on your game server overwriting any existing files. This zip contains some bug fixes to a couple of corelib scripts that were included with Eventscripts. [*]Add [b]es_load gungame4[/b] to your [color=#FF0000]autoexec.cfg[/color] file [list][*]If you want to run the spawnpoint converter to use version 3.4 spawnpoints in the version 4 Deathmatch addon, then add [b]es_load gungame4/addons/gg_converter[/b] to your [color=#FF0000]autoexec.cfg[/color][/list] [*]Restart your server[/list] [size=18][b]Links:[/b][/size] [url=]GunGame FAQ[/url] [url=]How to create your own addons[/url] [url=]Subversion code repository[/url] - contains the very latest code, & it is easier to track code changes and updates with a Subversion client such as [url=]Tortoise SVN[/url].

Version Notes For 4.0.96 RC1

Updated on: 2007-08-26 19:22:40 EST by cagemonkey (View Zip Contents)
4.0.96 RC1 * Small config file updates * Minor code updates for compatibility with outside map override scripts * First Release Candidate ---- Modified : /trunk/gungame_v4/cstrike/addons/eventscripts/gungame4/es_gungame4.txt Modified : /trunk/gungame_v4/cstrike/cfg/gungame/gg_en_config.cfg Modified : /trunk/gungame_v4/cstrike/addons/eventscripts/gungame4/addons/gg_voting/es_gg_voting.txt

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