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D&D Classic - Version 2.2.2

posted on 2007-07-22 01:01:19
Led by Jeff91
Collaborators: PhoenixWolf spoonman184

Requires: Latest EventScripts Mani Admin Plugin SPE est4css


Note: [LIST] [*]I am updating for the latest version of CS:S. I have many bugs ironed out, a few may still exist. Please post bugs on the wiki. Link follows. [/LIST] For a great guide on how to work thing in this mod check out [url=]DND:CSS Wiki[/url] This EventScripts addon changes game play in many different ways and forms. All players have a 'race' and a 'class' the give them different powers and effect depending on what they are. Certain and races and classes complement each other and others don't work as well together as others. Most all of the commands in the mod can be accessed through the command !menu in chat or console. Any other commands needed can be found in the !menu. As users play they earn xp for completing objectives and killing enemies. When you earn enough xp your class advances a level. No class allows you to get past a level of 20 to keep game play a bit more balanced. Races: There are races and more 'level-adjustment races' (level adjustment races not yet implemented). Races simply give you a small effect and maybe a small penalty. Level-adjustment races are stronger than the normal races but they lower the effective level of the class you are playing to make up for it. Spells: Cleric and wizards have what I call 'spells' all the spells of the wizard and cleric are accessed through console commands and not text commands. Most of the spells are point and click meaning you put your cursor over the person you wish to cast the spell on and then press the key you have bound to cast the spell. You can also cast spells on yourself by looking down at the ground. You must not be crouching to cast a spell upon yourself. A cleric casts mostly healing spells at lower levels and the mage has offensive spells that are used on enemies. Casters use there spells using mana and once you run out of mana you must stop casting spells. If you cast a spell and it has no target it doesn't cast or use the mana. Originally written by: J3ff I have also written an Item Mod for D&D. Details can be found on the wiki. In short, players gain gold by killing enemies. They can use gold to purchase magic items with various effects. This mod is optional, but players will still gain gold (which would be useless).


[url=]Mani-Admin-Plugin[/url] must be installed. [color=red]DO NOT FORGET TO UPDATE YOUR GAMETYPES.TXT FILE IN /CSTRIKE/CFG/MANI_ADMIN_PLUGIN[/color] After installing [url=]Source Python Extensions[/url], you must also install [url=]est4css[/url]. Unzip the file to your "/cstrike" directory. Then add these lines to your autoexec.cfg or server.cfg file, located at "cstrike/cfg". [code] plugin_load "addons/sp_extensions_ep2" // Items are optional. They must be the first item to be loaded if you wish to use them. es_load dnditems es_load dnd // dndpython Is a helper script to get many things to work. THIS IS NOT OPTIONAL. es_load dndpython [/code] Edit "/cstrike/cfg/dndxp.cfg" to your liking. Restart the server. [b]***MAKE SURE TO USE THE SPE ALPHA***[/b]

Version Notes For 2.2.2

Updated on: 2013-10-04 02:53:10 EST by spoonman184 (View Zip Contents)
[LIST] [*]Knight class FIXED [/LIST]

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