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Dungeons and Dragons: Source - Version 0.6.2

posted on 2007-10-09 01:19:11
by Jeff91



This is the long awaited conversion of my first script D&D CS:S to the much faster Python Scripting Language. Every thing in the script has been revamped from the code to what to powers do - it is basically a whole new mod. Dungeons and Dragons: Source adds a unique leveling system to Counter Strike: Source. Each player has both a race and class that aid them, or their team mates, in different way to add more flavor and spice to standard CSS. The Public Release includes the following: Races: [list][*]Human [*]Elf [*]Dwarf [*]Golblin [*]Modron [*]Kobold [*]Firesouled [*]Drow [*]Minotaur [*]ThriKreeen [*]Doppel Ganger [*]Half Troll [*]Tibbit [*]Ethereal Filcher [*]Rok [*]Dragon [*]Vampire[/list] Classes: [list][*]Fighter [*]Rogue [*]Cleric [*]Wizard [*]Warlock [*]Knight [*]Ranger[/list] Prestige Classes: [list][*]Exotic Weapons Master [*]Ghost Faced Killer [*]Acolyte of Skin [*]Contemplative [*]Eldritch Shadow[/list] Every included package has been decently tested so they all should be relatively stable. Note to Scripters - A HUGE new feature in this version of the mod is that all races/classes/prestige classes are now modular! Meaning each one is contained in it's own little file for easy editing/removing. So please feel free to write your own and post them on for others to use to further expand the customization of D&D:Source. I have created helpful wrapper functions for almost everything you can think of so creating new material is decently easy. Use already existing races as a guide or feel free to post in the script's thread for help or hit me up on AIM/Steam. ~Jeff


Extract the provided zip file to .addons/eventscripts/dnds Then run es_load dnds in your server console (or add it to the autoexec.cfg)

Version Notes For 0.6.2

Updated on: 2009-10-18 16:38:09 EST by Jeff91 (View Zip Contents)
Handful of minor bug fixes.

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