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WarCraft: Source 2 - Version 1.0 beta 1

posted on 2008-02-28 16:06:06
by 7355608



This is my version of wcs written in python. There are 8 races included in this release. They are the default races from wc3:ft For commands in-game type help For using ultimates bind a key to !ultimate For using abilities bind a key to !ability Most skills are automatic. There is only 1 skill that uses the !ability command which is serpent wards. To install, simply unzip to your cstrike folder, and overwrite any existing files.

Version Notes For 1.0 beta 1

Updated on: 2008-02-28 16:06:05 EST by 7355608 (View Zip Contents)
This is the first public beta release of this mod. I will be doing more updates. This requires EST v.420 This mod includes and uses my damage library. Also inlcuded is a customized version of popuplib. This is the same popuplib from GodJonez, I take no credit for it. It only has 1 extra command that removes queued menus. Without this the mod will not work correctly. This modified library will not hurt any other scripts using popuplib, but just clears any queued menus. If you have a problem where players get freezed, and never unfreeze, make sure you have the latest playerlib!

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