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WarCraft 3: The Frozen Throne - Version 2.1

posted on 2006-12-25 07:39:38
by 7355608


Tags: css leveling mod


WC3FT (Remake of the cs 1.6 mod)

Version Notes For 2.1

Updated on: 2007-12-05 13:56:36 EST by 7355608 (View Zip Contents)
I hope everyone enjoys this as much as I do. I have put a lot of work into this release, fixed many many bugs. Teleport works awesome now, I haven't seen anyone get stuck in a long long time. Try it all out for yourself, I promise you will see major improvements. Please note this version uses hooking of the player_death event to send out the proper death messages so you can see what skills kill you in your console. As a result of this, it may not play nicely with quake sounds, or other addons/plugins that use that event. You may also see double kills come up occaisionally, and maybe even be awarded additional xp for it. I will work on this as well as some more/better visual effects. So check back for updates! I should also mention voodoo requires est weapon restrictions, this option however currently causes autobuy/rebuy to function incorrectly. If this is a problem, do not use this mod. Hopefully in the coming version of est this will not be a problem. One more thing... If you intend on modifying this I suggest reading through the entire code first. If you want to add races, feel free to do so. Just keep in mind that reflecting damage can cause infinite loops if you don't modify the code a little. Almost all skills will credit you with your kills. Serpent wards, because of the radius damage on a point_hurt I couldn't find a way to give credit. Orc nades and thorns and such should all work. These should still be accurate except for some of the items. I'll fix it up later when I have a chance. I also haven't added the sql yet, instead I re-organized the master database. It reduced the size down to about 1/3 of the original. Should be fine for extended periods. I'll add the sql when I have a chance. There's commands I believe not listed in the help display. playerinfo, and showxp. !cat to disable amulet of the cat, jump to re-enable it. You cannot plant/defuse unless you disable it.

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