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Easy Download - Version 1

posted on 2009-09-03 08:16:09
by ReaCtioN2oo9



Thats the Easy way to add Download files! ---------------------- ->[ ENGLISH ]<- Go into the folder "downloadhelp" and search "es_downloadhelp.txt" Open it and put your file behind "downloadable" Example: sounds/name/name.mp3 ---------------------- ->[ GERMAN ]<- Geh in den "downloadhelp" Ordner und öffne die "es_downloadhelp.txt" Datei. Nun schreibt ihr euere datei mit dem pfad hinter "downloadable" Erklärung: sounds/name/name.mp3 ----------------------


Instalation: ---------------------- ->[ ENGLISH ]<- Put the "downloadhelp" folder into the Eventscript folder! And put "es_load downloadhelp" (without " ") into your "autoexec.cfg". ---------------------- ->[ GERMAN ]<- Verschiebt den Ordner "downloadhelp" in den Eventscript Ordner! Und fügt "es_load downloadhelp" (ohne " ") in eure "autoexec.cfg" rein. ----------------------

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