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Tagger - Version 1.0

posted on 2009-06-29 04:51:19
by craziest


Ever wanted to have you own personal tag which you could show to others? Or just have a tag show up with your name when you connect to a server? Well [b]now you can![/b] With this plugin users can type in their tag and show it to others, and if the server admin chooses, the tags will appear when the user connects. Players will be informed each spawn on how to use this plugin until they set their tag [i](customizable)[/i]. For information type in: [b]!tag info[/b] The tags will be saved on map start/unload if the admin has chosen to. Edit the included config file for more information and more importantly, [b]enjoy this script![/b]


1. Download the file 2. Upload it to your servers /cstrike/ folder 3. Add "es_load tagger" in your autoexec.cfg file 4. Edit the settings in the config file 5. Enjoy!

Version Notes For 1.0

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