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Knife Zombie - Version 1.1

posted on 2008-12-16 09:39:12
by Profeta


This is a simple script for ZombieMod that increases the human's knife damage. The deafult damage is 1000, but you can change it. To change the knife damage find the line: [b]es_setinfo knife_damage 1000[/b] And change 1000 to the damage you want, for example: [b]es_setinfo knife_damage 1500[/b]


To install it create a folder called knifezm in your [b]cstrike\addons\eventscripts[/b] folder, then copy and paste the [b]es_knifezm.txt[/b] there. Add [b]es_load knifezm[/b] to your [b]autoexec.cfg[/b] or, if you want it to activate just when ZombieMod is activated, to your [b]zombiemod.cfg[/b]

Version Notes For 1.1

Updated on: 2008-12-16 09:39:12 EST by Profeta
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