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Splinter Cell - Version 1.0

posted on 2008-12-29 17:07:53
by jxl180



Based on the stealth game by Ubisoft, CTs are agents of Third Echelon who's mission is to eliminate all the terrorists. As a CT, you must sneak around in the dark. On spawn you get a usp with one clip, night vision activated automatically, and a knife. As an agent, you have the element of surprise and the darkness on your side. You must be tactical and precise, as you only have 12 bullets. If you are careless with your shots, you are forced to use your knife. This is where your stealth and patience comes in. You must sneak up on enemies who do not notice you in the dark corner and stab them to death. As a terrorist, you do not get night vision goggles, but you have a choice between two powerful weapons: The IDF Defender (Galil) or the Scout. On spawn a popup will appear asking you to choose between these two weapons, or a third option of having one of these weapons chosen for you at random. You do have a flashlight, but should not overuse it, as the beams are highly visible in the dark. Terrorists have full ammunition. To keep it fair, CTs cannot pickup dropped rifles. [size=15]THIS ADDON COMES WITH A MAP (DARKARENA) MADE SPECIFICALLY FOR SPLINTER CELL MOD![/size] To try it out, go to: [color=red][/color] [size=20]Credits[/size] DarkArena map by Wake Idea by Wake Script by Radio Raheem (aka jxl180)


Just extract to your cstrike folder. The map will be extracted to your maps folder, and the script, to your addons folder. To load it through rcon, type es_load splintercell. To have it load on server start up, add es_load splintercell to your autoexec.cfg in your cfg folder. Make sure you have popup loaded with es_load popup!

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Updated on: 2008-12-29 17:07:53 EST by jxl180 (View Zip Contents)
Thoroughly tested and works 100%.

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