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InfantryMod (Beta) - Version 1.1

posted on 2008-12-13 15:03:56
by Owned|Myself



InfantryMod is a more developed version of the Roflcopters mod by p t a d. In this Beta version You can choose up to 5 classes. 1. [u]Helicopter[/u] This can fly for a certain period of time. It has 1000 HP and its default weapons are a M249 and P228. [color=blue]*Requires Level 7*[/color] 2. [u]Tank[/u] This is a slow, bulky class. But the advantages even the playing field. Its HP is 5000 and the default weapons are the AWP and Deagle. [color=blue]*Requires Level 10*[/color] 3. [u]Super Soldier/Foot Soldier[/u] This is the default class that is in effect when spawned. Faster than the average CT or T and tougher. 200HP and depending on the team, Equiped with an M4A1/AK47 and Dual Elites. 4. [u]Sniper[/u] The Sniper. Deadly in most situations but vunerable to attack. It has 50 HP and depending on the team is equipped with a sg550/g3sg1 and a fiveseven. [color=blue]*Requires level 3*[/color] 5. [u]Reconnaissance Class 1[/u] A stealthy assasin. This is so far the only class with a time limit. You have 30 seconds to infiltrate the enemy base and eliminate as many people as possible. This class is Invisible for 30 seconds and equipped with just a knife until 30 seconds are up, when it is given a fiveseven. [color=blue]*Requires Level 5*[/color] How you use the classes is up to you :) It also includes a respawn method. Simply type !redeploy when it's loaded to spawn! It also features a Death Message. For example say Ian was on the CT team and was killed. Everyone would then see "[color=cyan]Ian[/color][color=green] was killed in action![/color]" The cyan color would be lightgreen in game though. It is inverted for the T team too. (See death message image) [u]Notes[/u] This is a beta test! Currently there is a problem where the Server will crash, or the clients game will crash. I am releasing this beta to find the source of the crashes! It is recommended that you do NOT run this with anything else. [b]Requirements:[/b] Eventscripts 1.5+ EST Tools (Latest Version) [color=blue][size=18][u]Current Bugs[/u][/size][/color]: Loading from the Autoexec may cause maximum speed and gravity. This is NOT what I intended! [color=red]*Fixable*[/color] -To fix this problem, Simply load it manually via the console/rcon.[color=blue][/color] [color=red][u]***[size=18]Updates[/size]***[/u][/color] Version 1.1 is now available! What this version contains: [list] [*]Experience System [*]Levels [*]Better Messages [*]Experience and levels are stored in a database[/list] [color=blue]**Examples**[/color] Death Message: [img] death.JPG[/img]


It is recommended that you do NOT load from the autoexec.cfg at this time as it affects the Speed and gravity by pushing them to the maximum. Loading Manually (when the a map is loaded) works with no problems whatsoever. In your autoexec.cfg make sure it has: [code] es_load popup [/code] Otherwise the classes will not work! Loading infantryg in the autoexec is optional, but untested. If you try it and it works (Explosions will occur when you fire with the Tank or Helicopter Weapons) please post the feedback at: It would help a lot!

Version Notes For 1.1

Updated on: 2009-02-03 20:34:17 EST by Owned|Myself (View Zip Contents)
[list] [*]Experience System [*]Levels [*]Better Messages [*]Experience and levels are stored in a text database[/list] [color=blue]**Examples**[/color] Death Message: [img][/img]

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