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AdmWeps - Version 1.2

posted on 2011-07-28 13:02:01
by captain master

Tags: admin css weapon


Admins can use weapons that are restricted to all other players [color=green]Commands of Master admins[/color] [LIST] [*][color=blue]!admweps=[/color]open popup to select one weapon to restrict [*][color=blue]!adminweps=[/color]open popup to select one weapon to restrict [*][color=blue]!restrictall=[/color]restrict all weapons(only works if all are unrestricted) [*][color=blue]!unrestrictall=[/color]unrestrict all weapons [*][color=blue]!unrestrict=[/color]unrestrict all weapons [/LIST] [color=green]Commands of players[/color] [LIST] [*][color=blue]!restrictedweps=[/color]see the weapons restricted to admins [/LIST] [color=green]Other Commands[/color] [LIST] [*][color=blue]!wepcommands=[/color]show the commands [/LIST] [color=green]Tried to make it as customizable as possible[/color] [LIST] [*][color=blue]You can select up to 4 weapons!!![/color] [*][color=blue]You can restrict all weapons at the same time!!![/color] [*][color=blue]Only master_admins can restrict weapons but both can use it!!![/color] [*][color=blue]If you want to put bots to use restricted weapons put BOT in wep_admins[/color] [/LIST] [quote]wep_admins "STEAM_0:0:0;STEAM_0:0:1;[color=green]BOT[/color];" //<===Example[/quote]


[LIST=1] [*]Download [url=]AdmWeps[/url] [*]Extract to the folder [color=blue]cstrike[/color] [*]Add [color=blue]es_load admweps[/color] to your autoexec.cfg [*]Config in [color=blue]admweps.cfg[/color] to your like [/LIST] [quote][color=blue]es_load[/color] admweps[/quote] Configuration: [quote]//////////////////////////////////////////////// //CONFIGURATION///////////////////////////////// //////////////////////////////////////////////// //If 1 removes all weapons if not picked by wep_admins remove_wep_restricted 0 //Admins that can use restricted weapons(STEAMID) wep_admins "STEAM_0:0:0;STEAM_0:0:1;" //<===Example //Message people in round start that the server is running Admweps(recommended) spawn_wep_message 1 /////////////////////////////////////////////// //ADMINS WEPS////////////////////////////////// /////////////////////////////////////////////// //Number of weapons wep_adminwep_number 4 //First adminwep adminwep1 m4a1 //Second adminwep adminwep2 ak47 //Third adminwep adminwep3 awp //Fourth adminwep adminwep4 m249 ////////////////////////////////////////////// //MASTER ADMINS/////////////////////////////// ////////////////////////////////////////////// //Admins that can set restricted weps(STEAMID) master_admins "STEAM_0:0:0;STEAM_0:0:1" //<===Example[/quote] [LIST] [*][color=green]Make sure [/color][color=blue]steamid[/color][color=green] is in master_admins or you will not be able to restrict[/color] [/LIST]

Version Notes For 1.2

Updated on: 2011-07-29 11:14:03 EST by captain master (View Zip Contents)
[LIST] [*][color=red]Fixed=[/color]message to master admins on round start [*][color=green]Added=[/color]command !wepcommands [/LIST]

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