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Per Map Weapon Quota

posted on 2007-03-22 01:02:14
by *XYZ*SaYnt



[b]Purpose:[/b] I don't mind certain weapons (like the AWP's and the autosnipers) being used, but I do mind if they are abused...meaning a certain player buys it every round. Anyway, this script sets up a quota as to how many times a particular player can use each weapon. The quota is reset on map change. And you choose the list of weapons that you want to place quotas on. [b]This means that your players can use your "restricted" weapons every now and then, but not excessively. [/b] This keeps the complete CSS weaponset intact for folks to use, but not abuse. In the config section of the script, you specify the list of weapons you want place quotas on, and the number of allowed usages per map. By default it's set to limit both the AWP and the autosnipers to two, which you can change. After any of of these controlled weapons is in their possession twice (by buying or or picking it up), they are restricted from that same weapon for the rest of the map. Their slate is wiped clean on the following map. So basically, with the default setup, one player can use the AWP twice, and the sg550 twice (if he is on CT, say), and that's it for the sniper rifles for that player for the rest of that map. You can, of course, choose any of the weapons or equipment to limit, so you can get creative. You can limit defusers, shotguns, whatever you like, and in any combination. Cash is given back to the player appropriately when an a weapon is confiscated, and messages tell the user what is going on. The amount of cash given back is correct only for traditional pricing...under dynamic weapon pricing, I don't really know how much to give back, so it gives back the regular price regardless. [b]Requirements:[/b] Eventscripts v1.2 Estools .417a (will probably work fine with earlier versions, it just wasn't tested) [b]Installation:[/b] create the folder cstrike/addons/eventscripts/weaponquota copy the es_weaponquota.txt file into that folder in autoexec.cfg, add the following line: es_load weaponquota [b]Configuration:[/b] Read over the comment in the "config" section at the top of the script. This will show you how to configure the weapons you want to set quotas for. [b]Notes[/b] If you load the script manually from the console (via es_load), you MUST change the map before the script will work properly. [b]Acknowledgements:[/b] Thanks to awuh0 for es_tools! Enjoy!