User Addons

allow players to vote bots off or back on the server, or change bot skill

votebot-2 Details Version: 2.1
Updated:2010-08-12 15:14:31
Downloads: 4776

killbot kills all bots when all human players are dead

killbot Details Version: 1.0
Updated:2009-08-25 07:09:58
Downloads: 3116

DEPRECIATED ; Based on the kill /death rate players are handicaped more and more.

handicap2 Details Version: 1.2
Updated:2010-07-21 16:42:09
Downloads: 5761

Based on the kill /death rate players are handicapped more and more.

handicap3 Details Version: 1.3
Updated:2011-03-18 05:30:31
Downloads: 4332

gives clan members ban and kick rights

clanvoteban Details Version: 1.0
Updated:2011-03-18 05:34:06
Downloads: 4425

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