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votebot-2 - Version 2.1

posted on 2009-08-10 07:32:29
by Wundermaxe

Requires: [list][*][url=]Mani Admin Plugin[/url] [/list]


This is an update of the original VoteBot coded by [b]*XYZ*SaYnt[/b]: [url][/url] [url][/url] I did this upgrade to eventscript2 as it seems that the original version is not maintained any longer. Thanx to [b]*XYZ*SaYnt[/b] for doing the major work ! The description is also copied from [b]*XYZ*SaYnt[/b] page, again thanx for your work. [b]Purpose:[/b] This is a script to allow players to vote to: 1) kick bots off of the server (if bots present), or 2) bring bots back onto the server (if no bots present) Also, the players can vote for the skill of the bots, setting it to Easy, Normal, Hard, or Expert. Pretty simple...any player typing "votebot" initiates the vote; it works just like "votemap" does in mani. The player can type "votebotskill" to vote for the bot skill level. [b]Requirements:[/b] Eventscripts v2.1 Orangebox [b]Optional Packages:[/b] Mani Admin plugin [b]Comments on mani:[/b] By default, votebot uses ma_balance (configurable in the config section of the script) to balance the teams after bots are kicked. If you don't have mani, then obviously this won't work, but nothing else is affected. Of course, if you have some other team balancer, you can configure votebot to use that instead. [b]Other Notes:[/b] As soon as there are no players on the server, bots are reenabled by default (i.e., bot_quota is set to whatever you have configured in server.cfg). If there is one person left on the server, a vote is started automatically so that the poor person can call in some bots to play with. Enjoy!


[b]Installation:[/b] 1) unzip in your cstrike directory; it will create the following files: [code]addons/eventscripts/votebot/es_votebot.txt [/code] 2) in autoexec.cfg, add the following line: [code]es_load votebot[/code] [b]Configuration:[/b] Values in the "config" section of this script are user changeable to configure the script any way you like, and descriptions of what they do are right there where they are defined.

Version Notes For 2.1

Updated on: 2010-08-12 15:14:31 EST by Wundermaxe (View Zip Contents)
[b]Release Notes Version 2.1:[/b] Due to the Orangebox update I did some major redesign of this script. It is stable again but with reduced functions now: The functionality is reduced to the main function of voting in and out bots and bot skills.

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