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Anti-Hax - Version V1.3

posted on 2008-06-11 19:47:01
by u2fat4me


Anti-Hax counts each players headshots and keeps track of them until either they shoot a different body part of another player or if mod's setting are set to reset every time player spawns. This proves very effective against hackers and even if they attempt to shoot a different body part to throw the mod off they do not know how many headshot's it is set to and if it resets every round or follows through. Even if they go through the hassle of turning off their hacks every few kills shoot someone in the leg then turn them back on... and hten repeat it over and over, this would still be very obvious to an administrator observing. Either way this mod is very handy if their are no admins on at the time or are unaware of the player. It is also nice that however the hacker tries to avoid the mod, they will be unable to repetively get headshots. Some may ask "but what if someone is really good and gets 10 headshots in a row?" will... if they get 10 headshots in a row they probably need to stop playing CSS and get out more. I do NOT RECOMMEND THIS MOD FOR BULLET TIME enabled servers. As one of the main objectives in bullet time is to get Headshots. And having the headshot count reset every spawn won't be able to catch any hackers : /


Put this file in your addons/eventscripts/folder. Then put "es_load" in your server,cfg or autoexec.cfg Please read the script as there are a few options I have written down after each // sign.

Version Notes For V1.3

Updated on: 2008-06-16 03:21:24 EST by u2fat4me (View Zip Contents)
V1.3 Fixed a little bug.

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