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Map End Sound & Timeleft Screenshot
by kajla
Map end sound and Timeleft in HLSW :) - Pálya végi hang és hátralévő idő kiíró HLSW-ben! :) - Multilanguage

Map End Sound & Timeleft Details Version: 1.0
Updated:2010-04-17 14:20:19
Downloads: 6360

LooneyChat Screenshot
admin see all text, admin to admin chat, admin to player chat, and player to admin chat

LooneyChat Details Version: 1.4a
Updated:2009-02-09 06:37:24
Downloads: 14461

Anti-Hax counts each players headshots and keeps track of them until either they shoot a different body part of another player or if mod's setting are set to reset every time player spawns.

Anti-Hax Details Version: V1.3
Updated:2008-06-16 03:21:24
Downloads: 11776

AntiAFK bomb dropper Screenshot
You can get bomb from AFK with knife! Just ingure him with knife and bomb yours!

AntiAFK bomb dropper Details Version: 0.1.0
Updated:2009-11-10 01:16:18
Downloads: 3203

Don't lose points when you commit suicide!

No Suicide Mod Details Version: V1.1
Updated:2008-06-16 03:22:36
Downloads: 9586

Simple script that allows admin to type !cm to change the map.

ChangeMap Details Version: 1.0
Updated:2008-05-08 22:08:10
Downloads: 3169

by hunt0r
NoBlock by Hunt0r (Ohne Werbung)

NoBlock by Hunt0r (Ohne Werbung) Details Version: 1.0
Updated:2010-08-26 13:01:15
Downloads: 2829

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